By bonedregardless - 15/09/2009 23:39 - United States

Today, at my cashier job, I got written up for accepting obviously photocopied coupons. Last week, I got written up for "inadequate customer service" because I refused to accept the same bogus coupons from the same customer. FML
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That sucks. I hate when bosses are hypocritical like that.

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Owch. I'd quietly start looking for a new job..........


That sucks. I hate when bosses are hypocritical like that.

Someone needs to look up 'hypocritical'

The boss has the pretense of enforcing the rules when really, this shows he actually doesn't care about the rules themselves. According to Webster-Hypocrite: a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings

It's not EXACTLY hypocritical, but I understand what you mean. I think the word you're looking for is self-contradicting.

Yeah that's what I meant to say, thanks chanman. It was very late at night and I wasn't really thinking straight haha.

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Owch. I'd quietly start looking for a new job..........

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Sounds like something my managers would do as well. I'd start looking for a new better job.

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That sucks. H8 when bosses are stupid like that. Unfortunately that type of stupidity in management is quite common.

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Wow... who photocopies coupons again after it didn't work the first time.

I photocopy coupons for Arby's and places like that to score free/cheaper food whenever they're issued. They tend to accept them though.

They probably thought someone else would be at the register. Or that the OP would forget.

Most businesses don't really care about photocopied coupons. They'd rather give you a discount than lose your business. Borders, for example, e-mails you coupons, and you can print them out as much as you want. You just can't use two or more at the same time.

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Why the **** are you eating at Arby's?

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Lmao. I'm loving the OP's username: bonedregardless. That is bullshit. I hate that whole double standard that comes with "the customer is always right!"

Sun_Kissed18 25 no they are not ;)

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I love that website. :) Unfortunately most managers/supervisors aren't nearly as cool as the ones we see on there. :(

I learned a long, long time ago that the customer is usually NOT right. The saying should have been, "You will never win an argument with a customer." Much more useful and true.

Oh, that's cheap. I thought only sg are cheap, but it seem something are international afterall.

That sucks, but this is definately something you need to confront your boss about. Don't be a jerk or a smart-ass, be civil about it, and just calmly explain what happened both situations, but don't just keep your mouth shut about it. If your boss doesn't fix it, then consider looking for a new job.

I agree. Ask your boss for a five minute meeting and ask what the procedure is when faced with photocopied coupons. As an employee you have a right to know what to do. Act civil and concerned, saying you want to do the right thing. It will probably make you look like a quality employee. But, if the boss refuses or is a dick about it, I say look for a new job.

this. and if your boss won't listen, go to HR. if store policy is not to accept photocopied coupons, the manager had no right to write you up for refusing them the first time. by writing you up for refusing them, he told you to accept them; he can't just turn around and write you up for accepting them the next time in order to comply with policy. sounds like that manager just doesn't have a spine and refuses to stand up and tell a customer "no." it's not "inadequate customer service" to enforce policy.