Strange flex, but OK

By Jpah - 24/06/2009 00:08 - United States

Today, I was talking to this girl who I thought was really nice. We were having an amazing conversation, and as we stared deeply in one another's eyes, she asked me, "Has anyone ever seen you take a shit?" She then began telling me the story of when someone watched her. FML
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Sounds like she may be into some kinda kinky shit, literally.


easylazy 0

Hahaha it was definitely the OP watching the girl in the stall YDI for being such a stalker

EasyLazy, you comment on every FML! And it's all pointless crap that doesn't have anything to do with the ******* FML! Fucking learn to read you 9 year old anal belch!

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lol, wow, that was quite the way to start another topic.

Sounds like she may be into some kinda kinky shit, literally.

For real. It'd be a good idea to keep this girl around.

dat biarch shud get a punch in da mofukc arm bnigaa!!! BLAZE rthat monkey dunkey jive toen

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#4's comment reminds me of Boomhauer from King Of The Hill, where he just mumbles random shit that no one knows wtf he's saying.

Nothing on all of FML entertained me more then trying to read this , LOL

Looks like you need to go back to basic English and stop talking like a gangsta wannabe cause you're not cool

LOL u gt a freak idk if it's good or bad for u LOL

lmfao @ #4. if shes comfortable talking about that you have a winner my friend

Come on people--->>> DO any of you know how to spell?!?

It's late and i probably missed it, but what was spelled wrong?

the poor girl got nervous we've all said shit just cuz we opened our mouths without anything to say. ha ha "said shit" get it? it happens. shit!

lol omg the fml cracked me up so much and then i just read your comment and you're amazingg!!