By Anonymous - 25/10/2010 00:36 - Australia

Today, I found out my girlfriend only gets aroused after watching Jersey Shore and will only have sex immediately after an episode. I think the worst part is, I'll take what I can get. FML
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lmfao, # 1. I refuse to believe you actually wrote that.


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omG_G00 0

lmfao, # 1. I refuse to believe you actually wrote that.

Her name isn't Victoria, that's where she is from. And lesbians can have sex....somehow...

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no, lesbians just sit around talking, and never get horny.

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Ugh I choose to believe that people aren't as dumb and ignorant as #1 but people always prove me wrong. Op, FYL I don't understad how someone can get aroused by jersey shore? and now that the season is over what are you going to do? You should buy the season and play it everyday like 7 times a day :D

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ya dirty hamstah, I hope she doesn't leave her tampons on the floor as well.

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104 you should feel even dumber now because Victoria is the name of the city in Australia not OP's name.

lol 107, who's the dumb one now? Victoria is a state not a city =P

Victoria is a state in Australia, genius!

hmm, I don't think there are other states except the united states, hun.

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papiii 0

I seriously hope you're a troll. If not, I fear for you and your children

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#16 - Just because it isn't called "United States of Australia" doesn't mean it doesn't have states.

christ there are some stupid people here today...

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Most other countries use the word provinces, but yeah they're basically states.

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YDI for dating a girl who gets turned on by that vile wench Snooki.

Wanna touch my poof Tommy? Are you a juicehead Guido?

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Nope, not a juicehead guido. I'm only half Italian anyway. And yes, I'd love the poof!

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Sounds like you got a situation.

Record it and replay it whenever you want? But either way, sucks to know she's just not that into you.

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sorry, we're out of cookies. how about some pie ?

Thats what I would do Get every single episode, put it on Tivo, and have it always playing when she around. Pause at the end, get some, play next ep, rinse and repeat

well someones got quite a situation on their hands..just be a sweetheart and get some "snooki" ;)

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I wanna smush after Jersey Shore too... mmmm Vinnys big dick

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no anal second. I like to finnish with pickles in my mouth.

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well I'm about to go clubbing, so I guess I'll go **********.