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It's Halloween. Probably a werewolf.

Oh, goodness. That's a story for the kids! But in all seriousness, at least you survived :)


Oh, goodness. That's a story for the kids! But in all seriousness, at least you survived :)

Well that's just fucking great, as I'm visiting Rogaland this weekend... :X

Says the one named WOLFygrace ;)

Should've went Liam Neeson on it...

I had nothing to do with this, #60! I'm just an innocent bystander living in Arizona!

I still can't get over the fact that OP outran a wolf.

Perferct fml for the wolf. "Today, i finally caught sight of a meal for the day. Bloody meat outran me. Am sleeping hungry tonight. FML"

Damn, lucky to outrun it. would have scared the Shit out of me.

Reliving twilight! Ugh! I thought it was over!

It's Halloween. Probably a werewolf.

"A Werewolf in Norway"? Can't wait for that movie to come out.

good thing i stocked up on silver ammunition.

Coming to theaters near you, "Norwegian werewolf in Norway," the spin-off to "American werewolf in London."

I don't think they celebrate Halloween.

It was a werewolf, OP. It was looking for Halloween candy.

maybe he was just trying to join your one man wolfpack?

Hehe, great comment good sir.

I like how #11 gets downloaded for complimenting a comment that's such a plus five for humanity

"one-man wolfpack" = oxymoron.

#54 You didn't know? That's how i got my grandad

It's a dog eat dog world.

Well, Happy Halloween

Can't blame him. Must've been a great costume

You outran a wolf?

Exactly. You were in no immediate danger if you outran a wolf, trust me. It was just stalking you, it happens with Cyotes in my area all the time, and we have huge Cyotes that follow people, looking for handouts. (I mean as big as small to medium wolves) Also, lone wolves rarely attack larger animals unless they are starving, and when they do they are quick. You only need to worry if multiple wolves are stalking you.

Well, im not 100% sure it chased after me, but seeing one 30ft away from you, doesn't exactly make you wanna look back when you start running.

Trivelig med litt naturopplevelsa da :)

keyboard problems?

Nope, just trying to communicate in Norwegian on an English website :)

Norsk jävlar :)

Not Norwegian, but.. Jag behover en öl.