By nopethanks - 31/10/2014 12:05 - United States - Eden Prairie

Today, I woke up really early to get ready for an interview. I guess it was too early because my mom thought someone broke into our house and now I have two bruised ribs. FML
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Kick ass mom . Sucks for you though.

garage_fml 18

Strong mom you got there.


Kick ass mom . Sucks for you though.

Ouch sounds painful. Well I hope you got the position you interviewed for!

You should be glad you don't have to pay for a burglar alarm!!

I hope it wasn't a job interview in security

garage_fml 18

Strong mom you got there.

Better safe than sorry! Hope your ribs feel better OP!

Shame on you OP for scaring your mom like that!

At least they're not broken.

At least you know your house will be ok of someone actually invades your home? Sorry about the broken ribs OP.

Good for her, bad for you. but she was protecting the house and everyone in it.

well at least you don't have to worry about your mom being able to defend herself in that type of situation. not quite sure how you can mistake your child for an intruder though. hope you have a speedy recovery!

She knows how to protect her house

headofmedusa 15

At least you know she can defend herself.