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I'm sorry about that. :( I hope your kids aren't too traumatized.

Declawing your cat is not a good idea. You never know when they have to react in the wild.


Ouch. Sorry OP

Poor kitty :( I hope your children aren't too upset :(

ouch! that's got to suck...

OP, if you live near coyotes, you shouldn't be letting your cat roam around unsupervised.

But #20 it says escaped house cat. It doesn't seem like they let it out on purpose

I'm so sorry! I know how I is to lose a family pet. :(

:O my kin! I will avenge you!

OP probably thought her cat was still alive. Nooooope, just Chuck Testa!

Argh I'm stupid, didn't read correctly. That's what I get for trying to read this on a shaky bus... Sorry for your loss, OP.

Only in AMERICA, were people get emotional on a deceased pet rather on children dying from starvation! True Story.

You mustn't be the brightest crayon to be oblivious to the fact that OP is from Nova Scotia.

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I surely hope you don't have any pets! This is one of the most apathetic comments I have ever seen.

That was so useless and heartless of you, they're usually part of the family. What did you hope to accomplish with that comment? Just be thankful you probably never went through something like that, you're too heartless to have a pet.

the cat was just lower on the food chain.

sarcasm sure is tough to detect over the internetz... In any case, I lol'd (assuming it's sarcasm).

Coyotes? Don't even let your kids out!!

61- Even if it was sarcasm, it wasn't very nice, let alone funny

I'm assuming your comment has been thumbed down by pet lovers, don't mess with them they get mad when you joke about their family that way.

66- Damn rights :3

Why? Coyotes arent dangerous. Most of them are the size of a small lab. They are more scared of humans than we are of them

I'm sorry about that. :( I hope your kids aren't too traumatized.

Aw how cute the coyote helped you find the cat

:( that's horrible

You have my sympathy :(

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Time to tell the kids about the circle of life! And get a new cat... Sorry op!

Or keep the coyote.

That's so sad! I'm really sorry! :(

Declawing your cat is not a good idea. You never know when they have to react in the wild.

Where did anyone say anything about the cat being declawed?

I made it up. A housecat with claws should be able to fend off a coyote. How are we going to have any fun if every fact has to be spelled out in black-and-white?

Amen to lack of imagination. What if the ca was half Blum or deaf and didn't detect the coyote coming?

Cat* and blind* hate my phone e.e

Oh no... Not true. I live in the boonies, and outdoor cats get killed by coyotes all the time. Claws and all.

#24/27, what if the cat was retarded and thought the coyote was just giving her a hickey?

Good Lord, Perdix that's ignorant. Cats are killed by regular dogs all the time let alone by a fucking coyote. Besides, it might have been surprised.

With your children? At least a dingo didn't eat your baby.

They're from Nova Scotia, no kangaroos there.

Dingos are wild dogs, not kangaroos.

Does it really matter WHAT ate it? Fact is, it was eaten

I used to be a parent just like you. Then a dingo ate my baby.