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Today, as a joke, I hid under my parents' bed, hoping to scare them when they came home. When they finally arrived, they burst through their bedroom door, tearing each other's clothes off. I had to keep my breath in time with my mom's panting and moaning as my dad brutally dominated her. FML
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the first person to say threesome will die a horrific death. just sayin

I never vote on FMLs, but for this one I just had to put YDI..

they should have a foursome with 19...

-19 I will bypass this clause by saying threeway, anyway did you start panting? I like it when you pant.

that's so disgusting but it's so funny

you learned your lesson. never hide under someones bed who is in a relationship or your asking for it

Omg fuck that. Lol. I would have definately said something right when they came in to prevent roughing it out.

Did this mother fucker just say "Brutally Dominated"???? Damn, That was unnecessary.

well... i would have to one up them and they would hear, FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP.

it must have been really rough and nasty for op to use " completely dominated"

brutally dominated *

I'm just wondering how and when the OP got out O.O


Surely it would've been more awkward if the parents had caught her.. They would've thought she was some sort of Peeping Tom.

39- Aww YouTube. =D But you know your shirt kind of fell off there in your picture... Just lettin' you know. =)

that was actually my favorite part of the FML...

To #19 *clears throat* "Threesome" That is all.

Fuck yah. It was the best part. But when you're talking about your parents that's some fucked up shit.

OP should've announced "Total Domination" in a demonic voice when her dad was coming.

Or stand up just as there about to finish, and break out with the classic mortal kombat voice, "FINISH HER!!"

If you were a little child FYL, but a grown person YDI

so that's y my wife sounded like she was breathing twice as hard!

they're just wrestling naked an daddy is winning.

wait how did you know he was dominating if you weren't looking? hmmmn -gives op side eye-

Me, 19, and OP will now have a threesome

i see you learned about sex.

#19's comment has 69 thumbs ups xD

#19's comment has 69 thumbs ups xD

I do believe you have been 'had'. *Referring to your username*

I really hate you guy I don't know

208 were u n my econ class? cordo?

I have 3 letters to say L O fucking L

On the bright side, at least they didn't see you, or they'd think you were peekin' on them.

op's dad FTW for "brutally dominating" her

I lmao'ed @ "brutally dominated." Also, this entire comment thread is full of win.

Let's just hope he wasn't so brutal that the bed collapsed.

I saw a porno like this once (ok more than once) but after a while it involved the person hiding being dragged out and involved in the, er, excitement.

on thr vicious child*

I have three letters for you. Not fyl or ydi. WTF

lol brutally dominated her?! that's sooooo gay!!!!

This made my life.

#81, that was my favorite part too :-) You're my new favorite commenter! ;-)

if you old enough to know of this site then your also clearly to old to hide under mommy and daddy's bed to try and scare them. Grow up!

you should of embarassed the shit out of them

I don't know what to think about this one

albert Einstein says that was hawk'ward

Wat the hell dude lol

You cheer at World Cup? Nice!

damn! that's sucks

i saw this FML coming when i read " under my parents' bed "

"brutally dominated her" I got a boner reading this. lmao

Way to go Dad!!!!!

holy shit. that was an interestingly unique way of describing sex.

that's not what your mom said last night

free porno? I dunno lpl

good thing he didn't get caught or else the parents would think he's got some sick fetish going on...?

Haha that is sooo disturbing!!

125- yeah same here. You'd think after reading a bunch of FMLs, people would finally get the idea that it IS possible that if you hide in your parents room, it IS possible they will have sex while you are unable to exit the room. This seems to be a constant reoccurring theme in FMLs

wow i just realized I put it is possible more than once....ignore one of those XD

She should have applauded and yelled forban encore when they finished

just like his mom *wink wink*

Should have made your location known while they were at least in underware and made an excuse to why you were there.

What possible excuse would you have for being under your parents bed?

To play hide and seek with them.

Fuck that! I agree, I would have jumped from underneath screaming stop! Game over... fyl

I dropped something an it rolled under the ed while is was getting some batteries from your room? or something along those lines. There is absolutely no fucking way I would have waited under there! YDI

or i planned to scare you. yeah. kinda obvious.

I agree with 77, you'd have to be some perv to stay under the bed while your father " dominated your mom" I would have got out the second I realized what was gonna go down in the bedroom.

I agree with this. Just start screaming bloody murder and run out of the room with your hands over your eyes.

Thank you captain hindsight!

Wow, don't do that again.....

Or, if it turned you on and the real FML is that it already ended, do it again!

do it again only with video, post it on the web

Yeah, he's six..... (puts sunglasses on) Six Inches... YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

That sunglasses thing works for some people. And not for others. It didn't work for you.

What are you talking about? The sunglasses meme never was and never will be funny.

Random.. but, I have the same curtains that are in your picture. haha.

hahah cool! i love them!

it's the only funny one there is.

why is there a red penis with a face???

You knew that was coming... (Op)

your face is funny

LOL that's hilarious.

why would you even hide under their bed in the first place????

I don't know if you can't read or are just dumb but it clearly says why

come on im 14 and i still hide under my moms bed sometimes... why because they almost piss their pants and the look on their faces is gold worth!..;D

Lesson of the day, don't hide under your parents bed to scare them.. ever.

Haha! How did you manage to sneak out afterwards without them wondering where you had come from?

maybe they were sleeping? seems to me that they may have drained eachothers energy :)

OP found out the hard way where he came from.

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that is scarring.

WTF is wrong with you

ladies man? really? give me your your grandfathers glasses Sam!.... sorry if you don't get the reference

yea you're a TOTAL ladies man...

you sir, are disturbed.

bet you do have a girlfriend or boyfriend !!!!!