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  Today, as a joke, I hid under my parents' bed, hoping to scare them when they came home. When they finally arrived, they burst through their bedroom door, tearing each other's clothes off. I had to keep my breath in time with my mom's panting and moaning as my dad brutally dominated her. FML
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  OkayImSorry  |  0

Did this mother fucker just say "Brutally Dominated"???? Damn, That was unnecessary.

  skizzlerz  |  0

125- yeah same here. You'd think after reading a bunch of FMLs, people would finally get the idea that it IS possible that if you hide in your parents room, it IS possible they will have sex while you are unable to exit the room. This seems to be a constant reoccurring theme in FMLs

  Slim2306  |  10

I dropped something an it rolled under the ed while is was getting some batteries from your room? or something along those lines. There is absolutely no fucking way I would have waited under there! YDI

  ariannaa_fml  |  17

I agree with 77, you'd have to be some perv to stay under the bed while your father " dominated your mom" I would have got out the second I realized what was gonna go down in the bedroom.

  taazer  |  12

come on im 14 and i still hide under my moms bed sometimes... why because they almost piss their pants and the look on their faces is gold worth!..;D

By  ladiesMan917  |  0

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