By Anonymous - 05/06/2011 20:45 - United States

Today, I was in the elevator with my boss, when I let rip the vilest, most horrifying fart of my life as we left the first floor. We stood in silence as the elevator slowly ascended to the 21st floor, leaving us to marinate in the fumes. FML
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could of been worse... could of shit ur pants...

ryrywakaka 0

LOL you should sniff it all up . take it for the team


could of been worse... could of shit ur pants...

It was the dog...

Blame it on your boss.

where are all of the good commentors on this FML? i see none.

You haven't looked in the mirror yet have you! Suck that mad burn bitch! >:O

Farts age like fine wine.

Then you tapped him on the shoulder and pretended it wasn't you, and pressed all the buttons.

You: "Man the new detergent they're using to clean the elevators smells like farts!". Problem solved :D!

haha, 36, i dont think thats a good idea to blame it on your BOSS!!!!!!!!!!

imacreeper 3

106, what are you talking about? It's a perfect idea!

nothing wrong with farting. i would claim that proudly

RouletteRed 6

Or you could have had an extreme upset stomach and threw up all over the place while voiding your bowels in an unordered fashion. lol

Well 136, he said it, so he's nobody, and they say that nobody's perfect, so I think that means that he's perfect! I like The guy that says haters a lot!

Yeah. No one likes you. You're mom left you on the side of the road in a box for a reason....

Shouldve done the "it was you" blame.

Guys, I was taking a massive crap today and some of the toilet water splashed onto my butt as I was letting a turd drop. It was sick.

I took a massive crap today.

lonewolf6613 4

I am the person that says haters a lot. I am a girl lol. thanks anyway :)

baby_dee97 8

ok people who say to blame it on the boss are retarded. if the sound came out of op's ass then obviously it was op. and even if it was silent the boss would know it wasn't himself because he knows when he farts. and he knows that its op cuz he's the only one on there

lonewolf6613 4

167 u r so right. I'd like 2 see the argument they'd have tho. that'd be interesting. :)

lonewolf6613 4

if you're asking me the answer is no. I've been dating the guy I'm in love with for a year and a half :)

well we can still make out and my profile pic is what i look like

That is classic. lol

lonewolf6613 4

1) I'm not a lesbian 2) we are far apart from each other 3) I have a BOYfriend and I'm not cheating on him 4) I can't see ur face only you boobs and that aight attractive. does the list need to continue?

no but I DIDN'T KNOW U WERE A CHCK!!!!!! and srry when u put the picture on it cut my head off I can fix it if u want me 2 beotch

well if you say it's Jim your imaginary friend rainbows will puke

167- It's simply a joke. It's suppose to be funny because by your logic, it would be completely idiotic if a person blames another about their own fart if they are the only two in the room. Jeez, I didn't think I had to explain that one.

lonewolf6613 4

I didn't know it was a mistake and I wasn't trying to offend you. I was just giving some advice. sorry if u took it that way. I probably worded it badly. again I apologize.

It's okay. You should apologize to the calf; he looks offended.

ok well I changed it if it makes u happy

lonewolf6613 4

much more flattering! :)

I thinkable could be good friends

lonewolf6613 4

you're welcome :)

lonewolf6613 4

not to be a grammer Nazi or anything but... what?

I think we could be good friends

lonewolf6613 4

sounds like a plan. just no hitting on me. lol :)

hahaha ok I can live with that.... what is ur name

lonewolf6613 4

you first.

ok my name is nicole hbu

lonewolf6613 4

cool. my name is Cassie. I'm signing off. my iPods about to die. be back tomorrow. just follow the scent of people being pissed off. there you shall find me.

ok wait what is ur number

lonewolf6613 4

uh... sorry but no.I don't give that kinda info on the net. I'll have all kinda people calling to bitch me out

lonewolf6613 4


do you have a Facebook (fb)

lonewolf6613 4

nope. i'm not even supposed to have this. my parents would freak if they knew. email me. [email protected]

k I'll email u right now

lonewolf6613 4


WOULD YOU TWO SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! This is not a chatting/dating site. Are the mods sleeping on the job?

I literally lol'ed!

lonewolf6613 4

no i wiil check again 2mro. byebye. oh and 228 stfu. if you don't like our convo then get the fuck off the thread. if u gonna keep talkin shit then u can kiss my ass. so take the problem you have with us and shove it!

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atomicbaboon 0

48, how is that a burn? you just complimented him by saying he was a good commenter.

You're very welcome, Lieutenant Sarcasm.

Randuhh_17 4

Turn and ask him, "don't you have any consideration for others?!" and if that fails whoever smelt it, dealt it...

Ah but if the boss has a loose O-ring how would he know if he farted?

what and who are you talking about?

Leatherandlace 0

Look who's talking.

PrimeStarscream 30


Dude im pretty sure they were jking... Gain a sense of humor will u?

addiizcherry 0

Or you could grin proudly and say "I was just showing my patriotism!"

Slythrr 0

and you forgot to type "and I claimed it"

lonewolf6613 4

stop thumbing down this comment! it's FUNNY! aww now wait patiently for the haters :)

lonewolf6613 4

and that's one! yay! :)

lonewolf6613 4

TWO! keep em coming

lonewolf6613 4

oh wow now I have "fans"? I think I got a tear in my eye :)

lonewolf6613 4

okay if u gonna b haters an thumb me down at least have the guts to comment. I mean really? u haters b trippin. :) I watch them come running

jamieleigh_315 0

I'm not hatin on u , havent thumbed u down but ur weird hahaha an that's prob y they thumbed u down hahaha

lonewolf6613 4

well thanks 4 not being a hater. I'm weird cause it's fun and keeps things interesting :) besides I'm bored

jamieleigh_315 0

um not rlly but okay

lonewolf6613 4

oh just nod and agree u know u wanna :)

lol haters gonna show u

lonewolf6613 4

hey 136... f*** u.

lonewolf6613 4

just the way me like it :)

jamieleigh_315 0

y did I get thumbed down ? lmao hahahaha?

AWWw 141 beat me to it. Lonewolf needs a name change to ForeverAloneAndStupid

jamieleigh_315 0

hahahaha (:

I'll comment. You're being really freaking annoying. I thought you were a 13 year old on a sugar high till I looked at your profile. Seriously, you're begging to get mod-hammer'd with the spamming.

lonewolf6613 4

hey 169 f*** u just like the rest of the HATERS! :) if u don't like the word then... well I don't actually care so watev. :)

lonewolf6613 4

179 um... WTF?! I'm a chick. and dating someone! so no

Augh stop using this ":)". It's pissing me off. Like TIJD I thought you were 13... Turns out you're older than me.

lonewolf6613 4

I'm a kid at heart and always will be. I'm sorry if it pisses you off but it's a habbit. just like when people say lol and omg. get off my case. :)

The word itself isn't the issue. Bombing the comments with totally irrelevant drivel is.

well srry u could have been a guy and maybe I wasn't talking to u

lonewolf, you must be new. no one likes you. and also, it's *FUCK.

lonewolf6613 4

I am new. I don't care if you like me. and I know the word is FUCK I just wanted to see if I could piss someone off by not using it. if it make you feel better I will start using it. FUCK you. :) all better now?

SkiaaNyee 0

did he pass out?!

Sounds like an assassination attempt to me...

does anyone understand sarcasm, if you don't, I think it's time to admit your stupid or you need to grab a dictionary.

u like ur location hahah

you're beautiful. (;

wow you guys grow up

^Says the hot babe laying naked on the stairs.

girl get some clothes on

Did you say that to your “real tits” too?

a giant sweatband doesn't count as clothes

jayellef 3

exactly what I was thinking! hahahahahha

Fart-elevator! PLING!

what I'm wondering...didn't OP realize that farting in an elevator was a bad idea? there's absolutely nowhere for the smell to go, it would just linger. YDI.

Hey, sometimes they just slip out...

When an unstoppable force comes up an immovable object, something has got to give.

ryrywakaka 0

LOL you should sniff it all up . take it for the team

lonewolf6613 4

lol but he might pass out and fart again in his unconciousness. is that a word? I honestly don't know :)

you honestly should stop commenting...

Hey why're you so mean?

atomicbaboon 0

he pushed his tampon too far up his vagina last month and it's still stuck.

bfflrhea 0

uhh ew!!

Omg lol !!!!!!!! Hilarious

ouch. but I guess when you gotta go you gotta go.

you can hold in farts and poops

rofflewaffle 9

Not always. Maybe op has ibs!

Farts are surprisingly hard to hold in.

you can't even see her face. so how would you know?

alex, please don't feed the trolls.