By anonymous - United States - San Francisco
Today, I was talking to a cute guy at my house party and had to fart. Luckily, it was silent. Unluckily, he smelled it, thought my house had a gas leak, and ran to the basement to check the pipes and ensure our safety. FML
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  HeartYou101  |  31

#37, believe it or not - Farts can still be heard through a closed, locked door! I think it's because of these 'ears' everyone seems to be on about lately, maybe you should invest in some if you didn't already


Ehm, did you read the FML? It said house party. Where I come from house parties are extremely loud. The advice you guys are making fun of is the best advice I've seen so far..

  gintwinsmoore  |  20

#75, #27 didn't say they'd smell worse or better, #27 was merely saying that going to a bathroom and sitting on a toilet would contain the smell instead of farting right in the guy's face!

By  Steffi3  |  40

At least he cares about you and your safety