By Secret Isis supporter - 19/11/2015 00:52 - United States - San Francisco

Today, my boss asked me if I'd realized that "I support ISIS" was written on the bottom of my water bottle. The bottle was a gift from my dad. FML
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That's a prank that could have serious repercussions. I hope you have a long talk with your dad.

that's a terrible joke. especially these days..


That's a prank that could have serious repercussions. I hope you have a long talk with your dad.

simple solution, return the mentally damaged father to god and get a replacement.

ya #36 because murdering your dad and then"replacing" him is the best option in this case.

#36 wtf?! that's your solution for a prank?! It was a shitty practice know yeah but no one got hurt. How does that warrant his death?!

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a bottle of water is such a great gift

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that's a terrible joke. especially these days..

Agreed. If that happened to me, I'd most likely get reported to the authorities instead. Also I have to say though I remember a lot people cracking about ebola jokes, and not many people cared about how insensitive it was to joke about it at the time.

I don't know if you dad wins at pranks or if he's an asshole.

He's an asshole. Isis shouldn't be turned into one of the many serious things people end up joking about

Well personally I think ISIS deserve all the mocking and joking and ridiculing we can throw at them. They want us to loose our sense of humour about things and they want us to take them and their cause so very seriously.

Mocking is one thing, writing "I support ISIS" or something along the lines on people's things is too far in my opinion. You aren't joking about ISIS then, you are risking someone's reputation and safety.

I agree, like a lot of things there's a time and a place for these jokes, when other people who aren't in on the joke can see it its a problem.

Just write the same on your dad's underside, then his boss will have to say the same.

Buy a #1 Dad mug, and write something clever underneath as well.

I'm not sure if "I support ISIS" was very clever in the first place.

The number 1 dad mug should have "number 2 dad" written underneath it. No need to thank me, I'm a genius, and it only took me like an hour to come up with that.

"Runner-Up" it should say that on the bottom.

Better call Kenny Loggins 'cuz you're in the Danger Zone!

Reading that comment like Archer would say it

Lana would like to shake your hand... with her giant meat hooks.