By OzzyWannabee - 20/02/2015 08:12 - France - Issy-les-moulineaux

Today, I tried to overcome my shyness by warmly greeting the bus driver while entering it. I instead blurted out really loudly the words of the song my iPod was playing. FML
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SaharaZinc 14

Think of it like this, those people will never see you again.


Now you will relive the awkwardness over and over in your mind :/ I'm sorry OP!

SaharaZinc 14

Think of it like this, those people will never see you again.

It depends, most drivers tend to stick to the same route, and OP might have to catch this bus everyday to work or something.

J_Kertz 14

Or OP is a teenager and therefore rides this bus to school everyday...

Were you listening to "Thank You" by Alanis Morrissette at least?

A07 48

Why would OP watch **** while waiting for the bus?

You may not be aware of this but some people just watch **** at any time of the day just for entertainment.

#12, do NOT underestimate the variety of people that ride the bus lol I seen it all, from death threats to political rants about communism to refusing to pay and cursing out the bus driver in Spanish to creepy guys scratching their hairy bellies

conman531 23

if you're username indicates what you were saying and the bus driver is an Ozzy fan, than he might have liked it

Axelo 11

* Walks in * " Where you going? I'm leaving you, no you ain't come back ! " Bus driver's face ( • ^ •) OP's face (• ~ • )

That's sort of adorable. If I were the bus driver, I would've smiled. You tried, and that's what counts!