By furryballoon - 22/11/2011 04:46 - United States

Today, I had a dream that I was trying to pop a balloon. Nothing I did was working, so I put it between my knees and tried to pop it that way. Immediately, I woke up to the sound of frantic hissing and meowing. As it turns out, I was trying to pop the cat. FML
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artsyfox 3

better than waking to a strangled dead cat

ellakacyme22 6

Pop goes the cat


Sucks to suck.

Must be one fat cat

Sammeh_Higgins 0

The cat is going to get revenge when you least expect it.

yeah lets just hope the cat has a dream of chasing a mice when sleeping between OP's legs, hehe

youcunthole 0

Pop that pussy!!(song reference)

enonymous 8

She's using the same method she used on her acne too

thimovw 4

Sure thing...

He was poppin' a pussy. I'm sorry I even tried..

xosportsgirl14x 8

#2- no...? This is the first FML in a long time that has literally made me lol. :3

bulgeinmypants 0

Pop that pussy for a real nigga -Drake

jillianmathers12 13

Furry balloon!

Symmetry88 0

Maybe OP is massively obese and the cat felt really light to her, and she thought it was a balloon....DAMN.....Pop Goes The Pussy!

Xr70r7 4

Please stop judging that poor cat! Hahaha

Pop the cat, or poop the cat?

mrdanoob 0

Lol ur such a dick

crazy_whitechick 6

Does it even say the cat was fat?...

way the fuck was op trying to pop it with

Lolz yup I'm wondering how u didnt here da sounds??

artsyfox 3

better than waking to a strangled dead cat

God if you killed you cat that would've been a real CATastrophe.... Yes that was pretty bad

So bad that it left me in a CATatonic state...

They both made me feel bad :/

21 & 46. No.

That awkward moment..

Don't even try

Tats so true!! :)

Poor kitty. I bet eveyone thinks you cut know because of the scratches

That's some bullshit.

Because anyone with scratch marks are cutters... No, reasonable people ask where you got them before assuming the worst.

I think I understand

4- there are so many things wrong with that, I don't even know what to say... I guess I'll settle for, "you're a dumbass. Grow up."

They do think that... I've had cats all my life and always get scratches, besides my straight black hair doesn't help people understand I'm not some emo cutter, people who only see others with stereotypes are so inmature

You might want to concentrate a little more at school. You look too old to not know the difference between "now" and "know". Sad.

76- though op's story is interesting, when people ask about the marks, plainly saying 'my cat scratched me' is actually one of the most used excuses. So then it won't be as believable. So yea, 4 does kind of have a point :/

Fancyy 0

A cutter on their knees ?

HannahPaloozah 0

This is stupid , cat scratches look different then when you cut yourself And the cat scratches , in this case, would be on ops knees

Poor Emily. I bet everyone thinks you're an idiot because of your fucked up post.

^Well, yeah. Though, we don't think she's an idiot so much as KNOW she's an idiot because of her stupid comment. "wow your knees are really scratched. Do you cut yourself by any chance?"

vannaxo 0

Did you really care enough to actually comment that? Just saying.

Yes, some people do cut on or around their knees. Not just their wrists.

Why was my comment removed?

Yeah. F the cat's life O.O

VertigoSD 0

No joke...this is an FML for the cat not you!!

Ur just shady man I'm proply cuz I love cats even tho I'm allergic but ur just shady

ellakacyme22 6

Pop goes the cat

EvilCupcake8361 9


pop goes the boner

valdancer99 0

Pop goes the weasel.

Pop goes the c-c-combo breaker!

Lolz watch him actuly pop it omg XD

mangoboy1 19

As lil Wayne once said, "pop that pussy"

this should be an FML for the cat instead :P

Haha, oh god. I really shouldn't be laughing at that, but it's really kind of hilarious. I have done things like that in my sleep before, so I know how it is and how much that sucks.

Oh man...this made me LOL more than any other FML ever has.

sertraline 0

Giggled for a good ten minutes. Poor cat, but excellent post.


If you were to hold your phone at arm's length and squint and use a little bit of imagination, you can use mea's profile pic as fappable material. Just saying. You can. I won't. *cough*

missamazinggg 12

44- you seem to have put some thought into that one

MwahFMLS 6

Meow.. Meow.. MEOW!!!!!!

tsim_fml 0


MwahFMLS 6