By Anonymous - Egypt
Today, my non-English-speaking grandma bought me a new t-shirt. It would've been sweet if it didn't have the word "bondage" written on the back in pretty, bold letters. I had no choice but to wear it while we went shopping. FML
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Apparently, looking like you're proudly confessing to your kink in public is preferable to telling grandma that while the shirt is very lovely, she inadvertendly chose one with a sexual meaning.

  SgtAssCheeks  |  21

Bondage is the anything erotic involving physical restraint (Tied to bed, handcuffs, you name it.) prevalent from BDSM subculture and is NOT a synonym to the word 'Bonding', which is to grow a healthy relationship with another person. Gnarly stuff.

  anticulas  |  12

Bondage doesn't only have reference to a sexual preference. It also can be a synonym for slavery/servitude. People today worry me, all you do is live in bondage.