By Anonymous - 23/03/2014 16:59 - Egypt

Today, my non-English-speaking grandma bought me a new t-shirt. It would've been sweet if it didn't have the word "bondage" written on the back in pretty, bold letters. I had no choice but to wear it while we went shopping. FML
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You really couldn't have just explained it to her?

Maybe she thought it meant the same thing as Bonding?


You really couldn't have just explained it to her?

Good way to find people with the same, interests? Haha

askullnamedbilly 33

Apparently, looking like you're proudly confessing to your kink in public is preferable to telling grandma that while the shirt is very lovely, she inadvertendly chose one with a sexual meaning.

not only that, but a sexual meaning that only a select group prefer. OP likely not one of them.

You really couldn't just re-read the FML stating that OPS's grandmother didn't speak English?

#18 Unless of course you AREN'T into kink. Or don't want to look like a person who would wear that walking around with their grandma.

It's always possible that he could know whichever language she speaks.

juststephhere 23

You might just get lucky! Have fun with it :)

"It's so cool that your grandma is into dungeon stuff!"

Tessa_11 19

Awwww i think that's cute haha. But you could of explained it to her.

TheDrifter 23

Bondage isn't cute? Damn, I guess I wasted money on that pink rope and fuzzy handcuffs.

I don't see what's wrong with that...explain it to me.

Bondage is the anything erotic involving physical restraint (Tied to bed, handcuffs, you name it.) prevalent from BDSM subculture and is NOT a synonym to the word 'Bonding', which is to grow a healthy relationship with another person. Gnarly stuff.

Bondage doesn't only have reference to a sexual preference. It also can be a synonym for slavery/servitude. People today worry me, all you do is live in bondage.

I don't see why this was buried he just didn't understand...

It's the thought that counts! But I may have tried to explain it.

YellowKettleBell 31

Ydi for not just explaining it to your grandma, and for that you need to be...punished...

ShannonBitt 29

She doesn't speak English, so she probably had no idea what it said

She could have asked someone. Likely she did but someone translated it wrong.

.... Could've just saved yourself the embarrassment by telling her that there was inappropriate wording on the shirt.