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38- I have to ask this question, did you intentionally take a picture with a shoe that looks like a penis in your face at first glance?

Every time I see your picture it always looks like that to me so I had to ask.

  ohmandapants  |  16

Seriously. OP, the YDI literally slaps you in the face. Good luck dealing with that crazy bitch while she's fucked up with preggo hormones. NEVER SLEEP WITH YOUR STALKER.

  Darwin03  |  1

I did it. Sometimes you can't help it when u have a sexy stalker. I still talk to mine. The kids 7 now. And not mine:-) get the DNA test. Worth every penny.

  cdncw  |  20

This could also be a case of "crazy chick that invents the pregnancy as soon as she realized that OP wasn't going to be involved with her".

I've definitely had it happen. Date a girl for a week or so, realize that she's completely nuts, GTFO, get the text a month or two later claiming pregnancy.

Don't worry OP, she'll "have a miscarriage" in another month or, two looking for more sympathy, when the "pregnancy" didn't get her the attention she wanted.

  firefail1031  |  0

If she's a stage five she could be lying to get you back with her... Happens all the time. However if she is pregnant, it probably is yours considering she's clinging to you and noone else. Good luck with that... Don't be a fool wrap your tool