By shabowbow - 27/03/2014 18:14 - United States - Hillsboro

Today, a bee flew into my classroom and landed on my cheek. Not only am I allergic to these things, I was hit in the face with a textbook to "make sure it's dead." FML
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shabowbow tells us more.

Thankfully I wasn't stung, and I do appreciate on the long run them hitting me with a textbook. It could've been a lot worse than a headache.

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I think I'd take a textbook to the face than a allergic reaction anyday.


32, what did this plant ever do to you?


I think I'd take a textbook to the face than a allergic reaction anyday.

In case you didn't think of it, the bees stinger could have punctured OP's face because of the textbook.

It could've also killed OP before it was smashed by the textbook.

Slightly puffy face from the textbook compared to the hospital trip and extremely swollen face from the bee sting, I certainly wouldn't be complaining about the textbook.

Depends on the reaction! Maybe just a little rash.

But did she learn anything from the experience with the textbook? Did it teacher (sic) anything?

Why 'sic'? You're not quoting anything...

Actually, a lot of people get way more than a slightly puffy face from an allergic reaction. Personally, my airway closes and it's very scary.

#42 the concern is that if OP was stung simply because of the textbook hitting it then OP has to deal with both

Oh beehive, 14. How comb we can't make some light jokes at OP's expense to sweeten the mood here a little? No need to get waspish about it.

#2 that's the cheesiest pun there comb bee.

Oh comb on, those were the sweetest puns.

17 already covered those puns, honey.

Hit them in the face and say "I thought I saw it fly off of my face and on to yours"

I feel like this would start a lot more problems than it would solve.

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Whoever hit you just wanted to make sure it didn't kill you.... I mean the boss man wants you alive, see?

It was his teacher, I read that in another one under moderation.

I'm sorry OP. At least now it's all over, and you weren't stung. (at least I assume since you survived long enough to post an FML)

pfft screw an going to the ER for an allergic reaction, just gonna post a fml

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I can't bee-live that happened to you!

At least it wasn't a wasp. Those things are hell