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Today, the "My body is beautiful" t-shirt that my therapist gave me didn't fit. FML
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BandWagonGuy 8

You've been pretty cruel lately.... You having some bad days??


On the bright side... People must think you look a lot skinnier than you actually are OP. cheer up, there's always a bright side :)

I don't see it as 'ironic'. She's bigger than average (one would guess). That doesn't mean she isn't beautiful.

Yes but the shot to her self esteem resulting in an fml because of the shirt is ironic

Big girls are beautiful, look at Adele.

Don't worry OP, You don't need a shirt to tell you that you're beautiful anyway! You have all of us !

Aww it's okay OP. Just because you may be a bit bigger than average you are still beautiful. :)

kayla_ann0o 9

Rip it like you're the hulk and run naked.

hockeyoceancity 13

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#73 how many times have u heard girls being disappointed about their bodies because they were too skinny? OP is obviously gaining weight and losing self esteem.

hockeyoceancity 13

Just because you havn't heard of it doesn't mean there aren't people that do... There are medical problems that make it hard for you to gain weight so keep thumbing me down i know i'm right about this one though. There was a girl in my school that was 85pounds and was taken out of school because she threw up everytime she ate, we use to be close friends until she moved states for therapy but i've stayed in contact with her and well long story short, she had a medical problem where she threw up almost all foods and she was depressed that she was to skinny and it was extremely hard for her to gain weight so yeah... Don't assume things.

There will always be someone who thinks you're beautiful regardless of what someone else might say. But more importantly you need to be more confident. So truthfully, I don't think you need a shirt to tell you that.

Being fat is not being "beautiful" Stop sugar coating it. Its gross. Unless you have a condition that will make you fat, then there is no reason why people should Say that it is perfectly acceptable because it's not. Being fat because you are lazy and giving yourself the excuse that everyone is beautiful no matter what is a complete lie. It's just an excuse to keep being fat, when you can do something about it. Exercise, eat healthy and try to be in shape. I don't mean six pack and size zero but a HEALTHY shape. THAT... and only THAT is beautiful.

JessalynVictoria 6

You are an extremely narrow minded person. To be beautiful you don't have to be exactly what society says is attractive. At my recommended weight for my height, my bones poke out. So get of your ****** high horse. K thanks.

itwasallyellow 0

I hear plenty of girls complain about being too skinny, actually. They wish that they had a more womanly figure.

81, she could have been seeing a therapist for anorexia, BDD, etc. She could have been trying to gain weight and losing weight could have upset her.

122, I completely agree. Being overweight makes them unhealthy but they could still be beautiful. Beauty isn't just physical, it's personality as well. Plus every person has a preference, whether it's healthy or not. I don't condone being overweight, but it doesn't always dictate their beauty.

pinkWabbits 0

I used to be extremely skinny, and my weight disappointed me. A lot. I could eat like a pig yet never gain weight. Kids at school would always point out that I was "too" skinny, call me anorexic, and make fun of me for being flat chested. My confidence was destroyed considering people would say that I looked like a teenage boy with my flat chest, or that only real women have curves. Needless to say, girls big and small have things we are insecure about, so who knows OP's condition. As long as you're healthy, you're beautiful! :)

how about we work to have our personal health level at its best huh? seems fair

124 - That's your point of view, just like not thinking overweight people are beautiful is the opinion of 122. This has nothing to do with being on a "high horse", so by criticizing 122 for having a different opinion you are being just as narrow minded as you claim he/she is.

122- You're an asshole, you know that? There are people who exercise all the time and barely lose weight, no matter how much they try. Then there are people who are the exact opposite, barely exercise but they're much skinnier. It all depends on the body of the person.

Please dear god show me someone who who works out everyday, eats a healthy diet, and doesn't loose weight. It may not be as quickly as they like, but barring the very few medical conditions that effect weight to that extreme, you will loose weight.

#124 I'd say he's more blunt, not narrow minded. I know this sounds harsh but people can say beauty is more that skin deep all they want and they are right, but asthetics matter aswell. It's what people initially percieve and are drawn to when they see a person. To most people, fat people do not represent their idea of asthetic beauty.

528Alice491 3

That really sucks, and probably made you feel worse, but it's really just a shitty coincidence. Ask for a different size, because it's important that you believe it!

That really sucks. Maybe ask for a bigger size?

Maybe the therapist gave her that size on purpose so that subconsciously she would want to work to fit in it. Seems like a polite way to tell someone to get in shape, especially if the therapist felt there were health risks involved.

So you're saying that the therapist gave her a shirt to make her feel beautiful but at the same time purposely wanted her to feel fat? I think that would be the last thing a therapist would do, especially if they're dealing with depressed people or people with eating disorders who most likely feel very self conscious as it is.

amandajlucas2015 2

It's meant to inspire u to lose weight and therefore get a beautiful body lol

perdix 29

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BandWagonGuy 8

You've been pretty cruel lately.... You having some bad days??

The shirt was designed to fit a beautiful body...? Do you know what size the shirt is, then?

Actualy it doesnt say if it was to big or to small, everyone just assumed ( me included) that it was to small, but there is a possibility it was to big so if it was to big, what the **** do you have to back your lacking logic?

perdix 29

No, what's wrong with you people? My comment on the prison bitch story was perfectly sweet. It could have been lifted straight from Care Bears. The boastful tone of the t-shirt irritated me.

perdix 29

#18. First, it's "too big," not "to big." My **** logic, as you call it, is common sense that your alternative theory makes no sense. People wear oversized t-shirts all the time. It's almost a certainty that the shirt is too small, and her body is not beautiful. It could still be pleasant and attractive, but let's try to keep some power in the word "beautiful."

perdix 29

Thank you, Greek chorus, you are as predictable as you are easily offended by harsh truth.

Perdix , You used to be one of my favorite people to follow on the comment boards but now that you have littered the comment board with garbage such as "maybe her body isn't beautiful" I think I'll start trying to find someone else. You've gone too far for me here, because everybody is beautiful. The fact that you can say , without even full knowledge of what her size is or isn't, that her body can be " not beautiful" says it all to me. This is cruel and you should be smart and kind enough to rise from such immature depths rather than dwell in it with the sellouts. You have people looking at and following You here so be a leader and not a follower. You're smart enough to know that everyone is beautiful and youre ALSO smart enough to know that just because ONE RANDOM SHIRT DOESNT FIT doesn't mean a person is less beautiful at all. You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar and I hope you realize this soon or you'll lose a lot of respect from the other posters around.

Emani_Jones 0

Perdix is one of those people i would LOVE to shoot right in the throat. You dont sound smart because by the way your words are placed it seems like that's what you're trying for. Instead you sound like a heartless prick who has nothing better to do with his life than insult people on FML.

HungerGames95 13

What are you, the body police?

One of the reasons I got a FML account is because I liked the posts PERDIX was posting and wanted to do some like him. But now it seems like he/she is kinda a douche. Sorry but you just lost a follower

twisted_cherub 14

HEY!!! Calm the **** down, people. Not every body is beautiful to everyone. Beauty is subjective. Every person will not find the same thing beautiful; nor will every person find the same thing ugly. Perdix, before you argue with me, I thought it was funny (mean or not) but "beauty" is in the eye of the beholder and some people find big girls beautiful.

I agree with 51, I followed perdix for weeks til now, sorry mate.

wow. how incredibly cruel. the "boastful tone" of the t shirt is meant to help OP feel better, perdix. i assume she has some sort of body image issues or an eating disorder, and speaking from experience, that is incredibly difficult to go through. does sitting behind your computer screen and making her feel worse about herself make you feel cool or something?

No didi everyone is, just not complete narcissistic pricks, dictators, terrorists, there are some I'm probably missing so feel free to fill it in or criticize me.

p3mguin 7

Not everyone's beautiful, so shut the **** up. Your body sucks...

Maddidaddi 0

Saying that everybody is beautiful is just an excuse for fat people to think their body is healthy. People are ridiculous. Fat is not beautiful.

Peredix has a point; beauty, like the world love, is tossed around very liberally. This isn't to say that people aren't beautiful, but the word is almost insignificant if it applies to everybody. Is OP beautiful? Maybe. But she could very easily be pretty, attractive, etc. without having to be beautiful. Also, I have a particular irritation with tshirts that have self-appreciating sayings plastered across the front. If OP was really suffering from self esteem issues, how the hell would wearing any tshirt change that? Is she wants to believe she is worthwhile, which she undoubtedly is, as a person, wearing a shirt isn't going to convince her of it. That mental state has almost nothing to do with what's on your body.

'perdix' You are a dick, how would you feel if you had no confidence and people were telling you things like this? Stop being such a pig and think about someone else.

74) see how I said narcissistic pricks, yea well you fall under that category mate, first you say my body sucks when you haven't even seen me so there is your first mistake. Your other mistake is getting mad and telling me to shut the f up for no reason other then you being in denial about yourself and if this is so, I feel sorry for you, sorry that you say that not everyone is beautiful even if it's in their own way. I thought there was a saying that everyone is made in gods image and that's what makes us all special. So please enough with the hate and swearing really? It does not make you look tough or big in any way.

Perdix, whatever your name is, your ugly. ;b

Hitler was "beautiful". He was an aspiring artist (even if he sucked), and tried to draw what he felt, as most artists do, and was an amazing public speaker. The fact that he was so pissed about his race, or country or whatever, was being seemingly pushed around by everybody drove him to show the whole world that they aren't to be ****** with. it's admirable, but demented. It's like the nicest straight-A student in your school finally cracking from abuse at home, to where he loses it and finally shoots up the school. It's only sad that so many followed the path he made. PS I don't like Hitler, but to not think objectively of his personality, but instead focus only on his actions, is ignorant. PPS I miss the old Perdix.

I agree with perdix. maybe instead of crying to a therapist and wasting time with t-shirts the person should grow up and do something about it, if they're fat then go excercise and change it. it's irritating when people use the whole "everyone is beautiful" bs as an excuse to be lazy and do whatever they want to their bodies. if you choose to live a certain lifestyle then be an adult and deal with the consequences instead of plastering some ridiculous slogan on a t-shirt and expecting to feel better about yourself.

Da hell does hitler have to do with this??

well i thought it was funny. but i figured you were joking

There's a difference between being special ad being beautiful. If everyone in the world was beautiful (which means better than average), wouldn't that make no one beautiful and everyone would be just be normal in comparison to all the other equally beautiful people? Sure, everyone has those qualities than makes them unique in there own little way, but that does not make them physically attractive.

I can go along with the whole everyones beautiful thing but rich? Famous?SMART? c'mon we all know thats a lie

Don't normally say this but I agree with Noor. It does take some harsh words to get motivated to lose weight.I took years of bullying because of my weight and I had enough so I finally decided to lose weight and I've lost 60 lbs in a year. so the OP should take this as some motivation to do something about it

Ok before anyone jumps on me And* Take out the be of your choice* their*

I agree with 103. I also think perdix was almost correct though I don't think the shirt was "designed to measure a beautiful body." "Beautiful" is such a loosely defined term anymore. And on a side note: I like the "PMSing" perdix everyone is complaining about, it's realistic comments at their finest.

35- Stop trying to act like you're the perfect person. No not everyone's beautiful and you know that. You have seen someone in your life and you have thought that they were ugly, it's just the way it is. So don't give people these bullshit comments when you know you are being a hypocritical liar.

If she's gotten a shirt from her therapist saying "my body is beautiful" she obviously already has body image problems already. So I agree with 63, do you feel better making her feel worse over the Internet where she's being told she's not beautiful by someone she doesn't even know? And I really hate how that makes me feel like you have to be thin to be beautiful. Stop being a jerk, you used to be cool.

French_Toast_fml 3

Did it occur to anyone that maybe he was just... I don't know... TROLLING?

Wow guys I don't think you realize how hypocritical you're being. Just because he said ONE thing you don't agree with, you immediately attack him? like 35 said, it was just One random shirt, but the same could be said for te comment. Perdix is a well-known and loved commenter, and just because he had ONE bad comment everyone is going to hate him now? Give Perdix a second chance, it's the least he deserves.

guci101 14

U must have a really small dick...

guci101 14

U must have a really small dick u asshole

95, it is a given that every argument will eventually relate back to Hitler.

thats seriously ****** up for u to say and very rude have some respect towards people seriously...u can be big and have a beautiful body its all about self confidence and self esteem

dominic1221 6

95, last I checked Hitler was a human, so that's what he has to do with the "everyone" in this "everyone is beautiful" bullshit that these naive idiots are rambling about. He wasn't beautiful, in personality or looks. Hippy argument sunk.

wtf. Hitler was not beautiful and its offensive to all the people who lost their lifes because of him to call him that. Not every quality in an evil person is evil but im pretty sure if you looked up beautiful in the dictionary hitlers picture wouldnt be there. It would possibly be under genocide though

Pretty sure that was Didi's whole point, son.

If everyone is special wouldn't that mean no one is?

Greendaycheese 12

Why must you put people down? Does it make you feel great?

omgcookeys 15

Yeah, the comment was mean, but I don't think one statement should change your opinion of someone so dramatically..

PicklesMcRaptor 0

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, Perdix.

Don't understand why this got so many thumbs down. It's true. If it was merely the wrong size (needed a M instead of a S) and OP looks decent, then it wouldn't be an FML. If she's just fat and can't fit into a 2X, then she's not so beautiful. Simple as that. Sorry for speaking the truth.

Two options really: 1. If your name is m. sassy....then you are cool enough to not worry about it 2. If your name is ms. assy....**** your life indeed. Or try to give it back to your therapist in exchange for a size usually fits all.

Apparently your body isnt beautiful enough

Just cause you don't fit a shirt doesn't mean you're not beautiful

5- you're 14 years old (according to your profile) i strongly suggest you change your attitude if you want to see 15. Why would you even say that? Sounds like op is struggling with her insecurities and theres little pricks like you out there who are quick to pass judgement based on their appearance. Grow the **** up mate!

HarleeMae 6

Wow. Good luck finding a woman, cuntface.

68- By your logic, just because you fit a shirt, it doesn't make you beautiful. So in that case, the whole purpose of OP wearing that shirt is compromised.

Just because it doesn't fit doesn't mean you aren't beautiful. I'm probably reading too far into it, but you don't need to be a certain size to be beautiful. Just get one size bigger, that's all.

And one size bigger, and one size bigger, and one size bigger. We are trying to enable an overweight person to get fatter right? Seriously, we take the bottles away from the drunks and give the fatties a cheeseburger. Wtf......

Kurochrome 17

All body types are beautiful, OP. Don't listen to the assholes that are sure to come and make fun of your weight.

perdix 29

Liar. Many bodies are ugly, and some are reasonably attractive. Few are beautiful, that is, if the word "beautiful" has any meaning at all. Of course, we're in a time when one notch above mediocre is "awesome," and to express exceptional quality or beauty, we have to preface these words with "really", "literally" and put it in ALL CAPS!

URmySavior 2

Obviously, this kid is on his period.

Kurochrome 17

33 - I don't lie. I have dated many different people with many different body types, and I think each and every one of them is beautiful in their own special way. Please take your hatefulness elsewhere.

**** it, perdix, I'll go down in flames with you. Not everything is epic, awesome, amazing, hilarious, etc. We've maxed out our top tier of words. I was in a situation similar to yours once. After a pregnancy and an illness that put me in a wheelchair for six months, my body was far from beautiful and everyone (strangers included) seemed to let me know it. I worked hard to get myself healthy and now all that hard work should be discounted with a generalised "all body types are beautiful"? What about those people being fork-lifted out of their houses? That's beautiful? Reality check. Say beauty comes from within and I'm right there with you but please don't act like you see those "Only in Merica" posts or "People of Walmart" pics and think to yourself how gorgeous *everyone's* body is.

Kurochrome 17

48 - Let me tell you my story. When I was younger, I was told I was fat and ugly, and I developed anorexia. At my worst, you could see nearly every bone in my body, and everyone around me critisized me and still made fun, now adding to that and calling me a fag because of my orientation. It took years of intensive therapy and motivation from friends and family in order to get me eating normal foods again. I'm still very thin, though not as much as I used to be. After struggling with weight, I realized that no one should be made fun of because of how they look - no matter how heavy, how "ugly"(quotes because it's a realative term), or how unnapealing someone else thinks they are. I think EVERYONE, even those who must be lifted with forklifts, is BEAUTIFUL Everyone. Every single person on the face of this earth is BEAUTIFUL.

twisted_cherub 14

Again, beauty is relative. Saying all bodies are beautiful is inaccurate, but so is saying that no one would find any given body beautiful. People like weird things. **** is the perfect example. There is stuff that sickens me on the web but I know someone, somewhere is really enjoying it. Just because the majority of people find obesity disgusting doesn't mean someone isn't fantasizing about those house-bound fatties.

We're going to have to agree to disagree here, kurochrome. I think the people who called you a fag are ugly. I think anybody who made fun of your body type out of malice instead of reaching out with concern is ugly. I honestly think beauty is more about what's inside although I know that's not the point here. And yes, I know for every person there is someone attracted to him/her but I don't think that means everyone's body is beautiful. I had a cousin who frequented pro-ana sites and she starved herself nearly to death. I didn't think there was anything beautiful about what she did to herself and I wanted to kill those people who encouraged her on her quest to beauty. Health is a beautiful thing. OP might well be healthy and just freaking out cos her size medium shirt shrank. I don't know so I won't comment on that. I just think people should be careful of the words they toss around and strip of meaning because you never know how they might be taken.

There can be beautiful things about each person but not every single body type is beautiful. I personally don't find morbid obesity beautiful and anyone who does is taking a step towards condoning self destructive behavior. Wake up people. Beautiful only exists if ugly does too.

And ill chime in with a quote. "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Ill give you a couple of examples. I met an elderly couple the other day. To a person of my age (21) they are just old people, but through their eyes, they still see each other as being beautiful. Second story. My girlfriend is a little overweight (might get introuble for saying that bit). Some might not even give her a second look walking down the street. But to me she is the most beautiful person in the world. Who cares what you look like! It really doesnt matter! Black, white, young and old we are all people. Theres always going to be someone out there who thinks youre beautiful

I agree with 48 and Perdix about people using up all of the really potent words and destroying their meaning. It makes it "really really really" hard to be taken seriously with having to exaggerate to be expressive. "What is a word if that word has lost its meaning? If you say it all the time a dirty word will get its cleaning!" I respect your opinion about everyone being beautiful, but I disagree.

taintedayush 0

Shit happens and sometime doest fit

shaggan 6

Can we settle it over some drum sticks u buutifull

What makes you all think that just because the shirt doesn't fit, she's too large for it? She could be so super skinny that it's far too large for her. You don't know. O.o

Would that make it better or change things for anyone? What if the therapist is treating her for an eating disorder and she is one of those girls on those thinspiration sites whose bones are visible. I wonder if everyone would still be ringing that "you're still beautiful" gong if that were the case.

dreamer9614 3

I disagree Noor. As someone who is recovering from an eating disorder, there were times of clarity where I hated how small I was, and times where I assumed that because it didn't fit, I was too fat. Or maybe she's one of those girls that can't gain weight, and has self esteem issues because of it.

hockeyoceancity 13

Assuming things is a habit you should try to stop... As for you dreamer, i hope you're happy of yourself now, everyone is special and beautiful in their own ways and i'm sure you are too, everyone goes through some rough times, some worse than others but only the strong can come up on top of the problem and be stronger from overcoming it.

People wear oversized shirts all the time. Only a fml if she's fat