By morphea - 29/04/2015 22:54 - France - Chantepie

Today, coming home, I discovered that my dog had left me a beautiful mound of poop in the middle of the corridor. He'd made an effort, though: there was a roll of shredded toilet paper next to it. FML
I agree, your life sucks 425
You deserved it 47

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At least he tried.

True commitment

It was still a shitty situation

Sounds like a shitty situ... No. No, I'm better that that.

5 letters away from the worst pun in FML history.. You could've been better than that

very thoughtful

A new kind of theif trap!

ugh pets can be a handful.good luck cleaning that up

haha, at least you didnt slip it in;)

I hope to GOD you meant "slip in it", and not "slip it in"

3rd base ftw

Hahah thank you for the laugh

"I'm so glad you're home. Someone pooped in the hallway."

outch.. that sucks bigtime...

Martha Stewart wannabe!