By DDRFreak - 19/03/2015 21:49 - Canada - Kitchener

Today, I was playing Dance Dance Revolution in an arcade when a woman came up and asked me if playing it was my job. I laughed but then realized that it is actually the closest thing I have to a job. FML
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At least you love your job!


At least you love your job!

You must be in good shape, that shit's tough.

Dreamsorrow93 24

I was once paid to dance... Lost my favorite sock at the end.

This sounds like the tales of a stripper in training.

That would be a badass job

AnOriginalName 19

Except that it's insanely time-consuming and you have to pay them to do it.

I'd like to have that job. Sounds fun.

Hey at least you're having fun right? Now get to work on those applications or you might start having other, less pleasant realizations...

If you dance like a god, I fail to see the problem.

Simple solution: Get a job.

tiredteenager 16

Not so simple in a lot of places :')