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Today, after our flight got cancelled back home, I called the airline to work out a replacement flight. I sat in hold for 2 hours waiting as patiently as I could. Then, the automated voice says, "There are no available agents. Good bye." FML
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OP here. yeah i flew into a fit of rage which resulted in angry snow shoveling. I get that the airlines were busy but being hung up on by microsoft Sam was just to much.

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Did you break a shovel and a garbage can lid during said snow shoveling?

Everyone that was on that flight is probably trying to call the airline. Drive to the airport and talk to them in person.


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Flying can be a pain in the ass sometimes. Sorry OP :(

god that's horrible, the lady told us that we would have to catch our connection flight on two different days, when we got to the airport they said everything was okay, just delays. we didn't care we just wanted to go home to our bed. i do miss the 90° weather though

This exact thing happened to me and my husband on our honeymoon. It was through alligent and we had to miss two days of our trip to Vegas because of it. They have the worst customer service.

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So... Are you part of the mile high club right now?

What does the mile high club have to do with staying at his new home? the mile high club is having sex on a plane...

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Everyone that was on that flight is probably trying to call the airline. Drive to the airport and talk to them in person.

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I'm guessing it's because of the snow storm so probably not just that flight but for hundreds of others.

The closest airport to me is two and a half hours away, and that's only if the roads are dry and free of construction. Even if OP's local airport is closer, the conditions probably would've sucked enough that a drive with no guarantee of success seems questionably worthwhile.

You can't just sue for every little thing. Smh

yes you are... lol look at you being ashamed to be an American , but then again I don't blame you

Uh, no, his profile states he's from the UK. Do a minimal amount of research before making judgements.

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Or just stop assuming human behavior has geographical exclusions.

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You can sue anyone, question is will you get anything or be laughed out of court. I choose laughed out of court.

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atleast it wasn't a sassy black woman giving you a bunch of attitude

I'm hoping this is a Cards Against Humanity reference and not your racism showing.

It's nothing personal, there were probably a lot of delays that day and you just got the short end of the stick. Try calling back again or go to the airport and try to find an agent that you can talk to in person.

I'd bet it was American Airlines (aka US airways).

I can almost feel the surge of rage op must have had as the phone disconnected on the other end. . To hell with automated phone systems

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The machine revolution has begun they're trying to make man lose their minds and kill each other in hope of being the next to be spoken with

I work for the airlines and honestly customer service is garbage for 99% of airlines. I'm sorry OP