By Summer Loving Happened So Fast - 02/12/2014 17:59 - United States - Cookeville

Today, after two years, my girlfriend finally got over her intimacy and commitment problems, with a guy she met over the summer. FML
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I hope nobody hits YDI because nobody deserves to get cheated on and if they did then they suck.

Ummm... ever heard of punctuation, #1? Also, I don't think you get the FML


Wow that's good for her so she's not your girlfriend anymore this deserves a follow up

Ummm... ever heard of punctuation, #1? Also, I don't think you get the FML

#1 She cheated on OP. You're honestly better off without her.

She doesn't deserve to get over her problems if she cheated. I hope the new guy gives them back.

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Summer lovin', had me a blast Summer lovin', happened so fast Met a girl crazy for me Met a boy cute as can be Summer days drifting away To, uh oh, those summer nights

yea good for her but what about the dude? i feel sorry for him. women acting like straight up bitches these days. they dont deserve shit

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Yeah it's not like men ever do anything cruel! Oh wait

Whatever stereotypes anyone wants to use this to convey, doesn't change the fact that OP stuck with her through her issues, and like a bitch, she cheated.

Women initiate about 80% of breakups and 70% of divorces. While many studies disagree, the highest estimate for women to cheat is at 35%, while the highest estimate for men who cheat is 23%. The study that estimates that men cheat 21% estimates that women cheat 19%, also established that women are far more likely to lie, even while being anonymous, about having cheated on their significant other. It also seems that younger women cheat more, while men cheat more as they get into their 40's. But yea, everyone does **** each other up.

if she cant control it, thats her fault. you deserve better OP

"If she can't control it, that's her fault." How does that make sense?!

thats like saying someone deserves to have Down Syndrome.

#35 That's going abit too far... Down syndrome is really extreme, her "feelings", not so much.

I hope nobody hits YDI because nobody deserves to get cheated on and if they did then they suck.

There will always be someone who hits YDI on these. They're a secret society. It's how they prepare for the Reckoning.

People hit ydi for many reasons. Some people over analize and decide the op deserves, some people (including myself) hit it while trying to vote fyl, some people do it for the badge. There is ALWAYS going to be a ydi on every fml ever.

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If you're using the Android app, and don't have a huge screen, it can be easy to accidentally hit YDI (unless they've updated it since I used it last).

And unfortunately you can't undo the vote either. You can still vote fyl to make up for it, but then you'll still have a vote cast for the ydi option.

#29 I don't understand why FML don't let you info l undo your vote. It's actually quite annoying.

The reason you can't undo it is horribly complicated and technical, but it basically boils down to sadism and us enjoying people's torment.

#5, i always thought ydi was you dumb idiot

Time to get a beer and get over her . Find someone with less issues and not such a unreasonable person.

That means she didn't have true feelings for you. Find someone better.

Wow. What a bitch. You deserve better OP.

Great username, but ouch story. You are truly better off without someone as two-timing as her.

Tell me more, tell me more Time to settle the score? Tell me more, tell me more 'Cause she sounds like a *****!

lol #30, I was going to say that but you already posted it

#30....I wasn't the only one to sing that?...or was I ?

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She gained a different commitment problem