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By terminated - 14/01/2023 02:00

Today, one of my employees was a few minutes late without notice. I asked in the work group chat, “How are you gonna take a shift and not show up for it?” She responded with, “How are you gonna talk shit about your baby mama and then get her pregnant again?” I’ve never fired anyone so fast. FML
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Way to go, reprimand employees in private… unless you are a jerk.

Ydi you jerk. What goes around comes around.


Ydi you jerk. What goes around comes around.

Looks like you got managed. Karma's a b!tch.

Is she your baby mama, or does she know about your sordid dark side? Firing people who know your secrets is pretty stupid.

Way to go, reprimand employees in private… unless you are a jerk.

It all depends on if OP is actually the former employee’s “baby daddy” or if she just said that to embarrass OP. Given that OP fired her, I assume he’s not actually her “baby daddy” and frankly she deserved being fired for that if that’s the case.

What makes you think the employee was talking about herself and not speaking in general about OP knocking up another woman?

Okay, well then you'd better keep this same energy if/when you get fired for something trivial. Managers shouldn't be shit talking their employees, and if they are, then they better be able to take the heat. If you can't take back what you dish out, then quit serving it. Being a petty baby and firing someone for saying something they didn't like, in response to something they instigated, is where the real unprofessionalism lies.

Nah. OP lets his mouth get him into trouble by letting his employees hear about his personal life, and then reprimanded one of them for basically nothing. She didn't deserve to be fired OR reprimanded.

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i pray to every god imaginable that she sues you for wrongful termination. ydi.

She was late to work and when called on it answered back to her boss instead of explaining when she'd be in. She's not going to win that case.

I mean she's right. "A few minutes late" lmao. I hope all of your employees also deliver a savage burn before leaving what, I assume is, a crap place to work if you get told off over a few minutes.

So, is she your baby mama? Are you married to someone else and she's a side chick? Did you get her pregnant again? We need more context on this one. But either way, way, why would you reprimand any employee in a work group chat? That, like the baby mama thing, is something best done in private.