By allykat - 03/12/2014 00:56 - Canada - Brampton

Today, I bought my cat a fun toy at the one of a kind craft show. It has catnip in it, which he loves. He flipped out, so I took it away. He won't stop trying to break into the cupboard I put it in. My cat has a drug problem. FML
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Whenever my cat gets ahold of catnip he makes love to everything he sees.. I think he has a problem


Have you ever tried the laser light when a cat is on catnip? It's 10× funnier

Whenever my cat gets ahold of catnip he makes love to everything he sees.. I think he has a problem

When animals get exited in any way they may start to do that because it's a way to release their energy. If the cat gets hyper from catnip then that would be an expectable result.

He's always excitable, he really needs a good sniparoo.

dannnngthatsux 19

I understand that for some cats, the feeling of sniffing/eating catnip is like falling in love. Snipping is probably a good idea but might not stop catnip related love...

It's always catastrophic to see someone's life fall apart like that.

You should get him professional help right nyow.

The cat is purrfect the way he is, he obviously doesn't need help!

you're not a cat! you're an evil turtle! I will not let you deceive these good people!

Don't tell them about the turtles! Keep your mouth shut!

No more catnip for you. Edit.... Damnit. It took me too long to understand this. Too late to take it back.

I learnt that sensitivity to catnip is genetic. It does nothing to 2 of my 3 cats. Not all cats are effected. But my one cat? ... She turns into a ******* Jezebel. That stuff is banned from my house.

My cat enjoys it and rolls around with her catnip toy for a couple minutes before ditching it. She doesn't get that crazy high, thank god.

My cat tries jumping through glass doors when we give her catnip...

Hiimhaileypotter 52

2 of my cats aren't interested at all, only the younger one rubs herself all over it or is more interested in catnip toys. None of mine get that high though, either. It's always weird when people say their cats are psycho for catnip because I've never actually met one who is. Also I've never met a cat who goes insane for a laser light!

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Time for an intervention. Then send the cat to rehab.

What, cats aren't allowed to chase the magic dragon all of a sudden?

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Cat people and dog people don't always see eye to eye on a lot of things, but the one thing they can agree on is- There's nobody weirder than bird people.

And us bird people (owners, not aliens) say nobody is stranger than snake people.

"Mom!!?!! Kitty's being a *****!!!" The mom:"Well I know a certain kitty kitty who's sleeping with mommy tonight!" XD

Funny, but unfortunately irrelevant. Begging for food and getting catnip fecking wasted are two different ballgames.