Today, it's my birthday. My mom decided to wake me up by having our new, previously stray, cat thrown on top of me. I was awoken to two claws ripping across my face which needed 16 stitches to fix. Happy Birthday. FML
By birthdayfun / Monday 23 March 2009 22:46 / United States
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Yeah. As a kid I played baseball. A machine pitched one right to my knuckles and I received a huge purple-red bruise with a decent amount of swelling. I held ice on it all the way to the hospital, but it was still fairly puffy. We waited so long watching show after show on their little TV that once the doctor saw it my hand was just numb, cold, pink, and a little puffy. I don`t remember much of what happened, but I think there was something about accusing me of over-reacting and saying it was fine so no pain meds, salves, or tips from the doc, just 'more ice' and sent us away. Now I don`t go unless I have a broken bone.

You didn`t need to know all that, but I just wanted to add to you point. I know doctors are busy, but some things really ought to be looked at. I was lucky it was just some busted blood vessels and bruising and not fractured bone, though perhaps there was and we`ll never know.

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Wow I just don't get how a parent could be so cruel to their kids! Does she have no concept of how the cat will react when landing from being launched into the air? Claws are out instantly! I could understand throwing the cat at a burgalar as self defense or something like that but throwing the cat at you kid? Just wrong and FYL OP and the cat's life as well.....