By Nick - 11/02/2010 18:35 - United States

Today, I was carrying a hot cup of noodles. I sneezed and accidentally stabbed myself in the forehead with a fork. FML
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wow. was there penetration or was it like softcore ****?


i dont get it, what does being first mean? an why do some get deleated? ive never figured thiss out.

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@53: It means to be the first ever to comment, instead of being #5 or #36 or #191, you're #1, and so some people see an uncommented FML and immediately think "I'll be first!" and so they comment with "First!" : And its deleted for a multitude of reasons that possibly include: starting arguments and putdown throwdowns, and the fact that the comment doesn't actually comment in anyway on the FML be it positive or negative, but simply writes out "FIRST!" :P Also, @1: I know what you mean, I made the first comment on the dad-with-boner FML and being First is just the same as having any other numbered comment, LOL

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Baisicly it's where if you type "first" u may be the number one on the list of comments. It's a stupid trick they use but, it only lasts for a little while. Normally, real comments soon take their place, and theirs gets deleted. Your lucky they choose you for the actual first instead of the millions of retards who just put "first".

yaaaayyy (: haha thanks! I am now more knowledge filled than i was an hour ago

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i like to call this 'first disease', and all the people with said disease try to infect us with their firsties-calling. but the mod-doctors save us. ^.^

Yay; a rare 1st comment that isn't just one word!


@ 96 yaaaaaaayyy! thats just how i roll (: hahaa and 100, even though you had to blatantly use all caps and draw attention, you have a point i guess. the noodles being hot have nothing to do with getting stabbed :/

#100, I'm guessing that OP had one hand carrying noodles, one hand carrying fork. When OP sneezed, he/she used the hand with fork to cover his/her nose, hence accidentally stabbing him/herself.

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cause they were carrying most likely there fork with there noodles so it wouldn't of just said, today I sneezed and stabbed my self in the head with a fork. it makes more sence and sounds better to say it the way the OP said it...

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however the op posted it, it still comes out sounding stupid

it's just like homer, but instead of a fork he got a nail XD

rofl. you respond to trolls, yet your pic is triforce. newfag poser.

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ydi for eating fake noodles with fork

Yeah but that was not where I thought this was going.. I was expecting more along the lines of some burns..

wow. was there penetration or was it like softcore ****?

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it happens. gosh snickerdoodles you get on my nerves. just because it never happened to you doesn't mean it won't happen to other people. nobodys perfect. especially you

This fml is awesome because of the twist endings

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where are all of our comments going? D: