By Etta - United States
Today, I stayed home from work, feeling ill. Come lunch time, I made myself some ramen noodles, thinking that the broth would feel good on my throat. Too bad I sneezed while carrying the bowl, dumping the boiling hot broth all down my front. The skin on my boob peeled away like tissue. FML
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By  TeaRex__  |  23

Aw! That hurt, if you're looking for a bright side, then if it was those 3-4 min store bought Ramen noodles, eating it would probably have made your throat feel worse because they contain so many spices, so at lease you didn't eat it... tinny tinny bright side. Hope you get well again soon.

By  Bartek0600  |  4

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  Migole  |  36

So you wear water-proof clothes on a daily basis? Because the last time I looked a simple shirt wouldn't do much against a bowl of hot water.