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Today, the lease on my house ended and I finished moving in with my girlfriend. After everything was moved in, she broke up with me. Hello homelessness. FML
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FMLandurstoo 9

selfish bitch

You got plenty of boxes from the move, live in one of them.


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awh. get a new appt.

JacksonCampbell 9

That's not the easiest thing to do at a time like this.

you can buy a house nowadays and you're monthly payment is half of an apartment

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this is so sad ;( but remember Life goes on, pick yourself up and open a new page in your life;) what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger! Always keep that in mind

Hey, he just rock up at someones door and ask to move in! (An FML from a few weeks back)

Who says he has to move out?

@24 The mortgage maybe half, but you also have to add on property taxes, utilities,maintenance etc.

what if you get paralyzed?

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Ur hot

80 I live in GA and you can get 3 bedroom house and your mortgage is $220 alone

Hold up hold up you bought the house and she kicked you DEMAND IT BACK SUE GET THAT BITCH THROWN IN JAIL!!! You bought the house she has NO right to kick you out tell the landlord YDI if you let her kick you out of your own house she can go stay with family SMDH

seriously? he said his lease ended. he never said he owns a house. and if you own a house you dont have a landlord

"Guys like us got to stick together" -old FML reference

FMLandurstoo 9

selfish bitch

cocaine is a hell of a drug

DCFan 9

^^ LMAO hell yes!

2 I read your comment in the old guys voice haha mmmmm chris i have a Lolly in my pocket just reach in and grab it mmmm

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amandajlucas2015 2

Y would she sit there and watch u move all ur crap in knowing she was just going to end it and ud have to take it all back out.. Ida made her take it out

I feel sorry for you :(

Nevaeh23 0

That sucks !! fyl

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s3xymoma 1

what a selfish bitch

Heather_x0x0 6

to...what?? lol!

Predental 5

too bad that he is not gonna move out

Beebow_fml 5

Offtopic, but Predental's got some major hoverhand going on in his profile picture.

can't u sue her for that

no, he can take his stuff, but there's nothing to sue for... guess he could move back in with his parents, wouldn't be the first person to, especially in the past 4 or so years

Predental 5

all Americans do these days are sue sue and more sue. wastes so much money

unfortunately unless he signed a lease agreement with her there are no grounds for a case. And @ the guy who says all america do is sue. well I think if some bitch left me homeless i'd be suing shit out of her if I could. sorry if I dont enjoy living out of dumpsters and eating garbage.

can I sue you for being a dickhead?

Can I sue you for being to damn good-looking?

Scalabrine44 0

Can I sue you for hitting on girls on FML?

You got plenty of boxes from the move, live in one of them.

damn that's messed up.