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By effmylife - 23/10/2009 10:09 - United States

Today, I took my SUV in to get the oil changed, and the tires rotated. They allowed me to stay there, because they said it would only take 30 minutes. So I sit there in the waiting room, and I look through the window only to see my SUV falling off the lift, from 6 feet in the air. FML
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I see a lawsuit in their future. Sue them. They should have secured it.

I'm not gonna lie, this would be cool to see if it wasn't mine. On an unrelated note, I admire you for not caving in to pressure from the tree hugging left wing nuts and keeping your SUV. Go you! Drive what you want!


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Look at it this way... YOU JUST WON A BRAAAAAND NEEEEWWWW CAAAAAAAAAAAAAR! *game show theme music*

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#74, if only you were there to tell OP that news.

deserves it because ur E-brake doesnt work....AND the fact that you drive an SUV makes you probably asshole-y enough to deserve it anyway

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SSSSUUUUUUEEEEE!!!!!! Seriously sue, you'll get a brand new car.

you obvoisly have never had a car or an oil change, the car is lifted by the chassis, not the tires, Idiot.

124, The fact that you drive an SUV makes you asshole-y enough to deserve it anyways? The ignorance of some people still amazes me ... & I didn't know that people were still stereotypical nowadays ... Thought we were all past that.

I hope it's covered by your insurance =/.

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Her insurance??? why would she pay for that??? why dont she turn it in to the shops insurance??? Thats what normal people, who have at least half of their brain, would do....

I see a lawsuit in their future. Sue them. They should have secured it.

That doesn't make them wrecking the car okay, regardless of what your little anti-SUV crusading mind may think.

as a mechanic I have actually used a lift you don't "secure it" when u lift it you just place the arms properly and any good shop would pay for the damages

#139 what the **** are you talking about

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They're responsible. they gotta pay for any damage.

gonna agree. unless you're deep in the country, SUV's are just ******* stupid.

i knew this was coming before i opened the comments...

+1. YDI for owning an SUV. Consider this a favor.

Totally agree. SUVs are for status seeking retards

obviously none of you have need of moving. i have ti get ikea shelves and shit and guess what helps? my honda crv that geta better gas mileage than a Ford focus. screw your tiny car superiority

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that would look cool! or scary o.O

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It's good that you witnessed it. Now you can tell your insurance company exactly what happened, if necessary. Though technically, their insurance should pay for it.

I'm not gonna lie, this would be cool to see if it wasn't mine. On an unrelated note, I admire you for not caving in to pressure from the tree hugging left wing nuts and keeping your SUV. Go you! Drive what you want!

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Yes. Afterall, oxygen is overrated, right? Maybe we'll just evolve to live on carbon dioxide. Wait, no, evolution is just another crazy left wing scam as well. I guess we're screwed. Pull your god fearing heads out of your asses and stop ruining my planet.

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BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, oh that's rich #33! God fearing was a nice touchHAHAHA! But seriously, STFU. I have the right to an opinion and my opinion is that we're all going to live and there is no god. Doucheman... awaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

We likely will, but next generations will probably suffer. SUVs are not the sole cause, but they are a cause, so why not drive something more efficient and clean? Oxygen is important, after all, especially with the diminishing rainforests and all. Opinions don't really apply to facts. Freedom of speech should not equal freedom of act, because if it did, murder and rape would become legal. Don't spout gibberish if you don't know what you're talking about.

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You do realize that the planet has been alive billions of years, and 10 years or so of pollution isn't going to ruin something that has been protecting itself from the violent rays of suns and anything else that it's been put through. "Global Warming" can't be stopped by humans, and we are not the cause. If the planet wants to warm, it's what it has been in motion doing for BILLIONS OF YEARS. So stop going crazy over this "go green" stuff, you really aren't doing anything.

Yeah, the earth has been around for billion of years, but it has been self regulating. But when humans came along, we become to immune the natural regulation of the planet. We can move mountains, carve holes, build islands, siphon a lake of its water. You see, you're idiot for thinking it's okay to let things go unchanged. Hell, if you lived in the 1800s in the industrial cities of England, then the pollution would be so bad, you're only expected to live to the ripe age of 50. Yet so much as changed, and we should only improve the quality of our environment rather than let it go to waste. Thank god that there are some hippies out there fighting for the protection of environment. If only there was a city where there are no hippes that we can just stick people like you in and let you rot with your pollution. Let you rot with all the SMOG fumes impetrating your home, killing your children. But alas, many of them are fighting for the greater good of everyone, even fools like you. Also, global warming is very real and the petroleum products of the Earth are very limited. So why not fight for change by driving more efficient vehicles unless you actually need the utility?

To the people about global warming... There has been multiple ice ages in earths history, therefore between them the globe warmed. Hense the end of an ice age. And you can not blame those on SUV's, or humans in genreal. it happens, the earth heats up and cools.

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Shmatechnically, we are still in an ice age. The term ‘ice age‘ is defined as a period in which the earth has ice caps. Hence...

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Im sorry mazza did you just compare driving an SUV to rape and murder? Why can't we just get along some people want to save gas and will drive a prius others would like the utility of a truck or the convience of an SUV that will seat 8 people and others just want whatever the can afford used cars that are great on gas are more expensive typically than used SUVs becasue of the recent gas crisis. So ill drive my camry you can drive your prius others can drive there corvette F-150 or Escalade and can't we all just get along?

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people seriously. . . . Just laugh. it's a freakin fml. Its suppose to be funny. No one gets on here to read arguments and peoples EXTREMELY long comments.

Yes the earth goes through cycles and shifting climates and ice ages etc.all our pollution is damaging the ozone, and harming the environment and causing the earths normal cycles to speed up and become more drastic. And those of you who don't think pollution is a problem just look at smog advisories and how they are much worse in places with more cars.

All because you drive an SUV doesn't mean the emissions are greater then a car. You obviously know nothing at all about cars.