By Anonymous - 18/10/2009 11:15 - United States

Today, after sleeping with a guy I met at a party, I woke up to find him peeing in the corner of my room on my roommate's carpet. FML
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YDI for sleeping with some guy you just met.


bet she does anal

Follow him home and pee on his carpet. That'll show him.

Just thank the lord it wasn't yours and move on. 

You never know what you're taking home. FYL and YDI (but just a little).

Stupid cunt... YDI for being a whore.

xSceneSceneBabyx 0

hey. be happy it wasn't your carpet.

hahah your a fucking slut and desereved it.

jbm0225 0

at least he didn't shit instead.

ami1043 0

I love how when a girl talks about a bad one nightstand people call her a whore, but when a guy has a bad one night stand everyone agrees that it's an fml.

#24 Is So Right .. &I Like The Whole Following Him Home &Pissing On His Carpet Idea =]

Aggriken 0

fml is just filled with uptight prudes who can't get laid and try to make fun of those who can.