By Fluffydemise - 19/01/2013 18:39 - United States

Today, while sledding with my daughter, I tried getting her to go down a steeper slope than she's used to. She was worried she'd crash, so I went first to show her how it's done. I lost control halfway down the hill, bailed, and rolled into a tree. My wife has it on video. FML
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Fluffydemise tells us more.

OP here. Just made an account. Will consider posting the video!

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Be glad it was you and not your daughter (: next time be more careful.

Ahh, a moment that she'll never forget :)


Ahh, a moment that she'll never forget :)

ThePsyche 9

And judging by his username, neither will his testicles.

ah yes the joys of family time.

put on youtube or we wont believe you!

Is it a bad thing if I read this as "today, I was sleeping with my daughter..."

I think you should answer that question yourself...

And with it on video, he'll never forget it either, no matter how much he wants to. :)

What is your problem #43???

#43 You need help ASAP!



Be glad it was you and not your daughter (: next time be more careful.

now your kid knows how not to do it

Way to "show her how it's done".

MistaBlista 9

Well, THAT'S an easy ten grand on AFV.

Only if the video features either a kid or a cute pet. If not, then I estimate only a second place at best.

Ouch, there's always next time though.

perdix 29

I guess that's one way to save on sending your kid to college.

And that's when you shout from the bottom of the hill "do as I say not as I do!"

Show us the video!!

footcheezeez 16

Wait for a few years... "Dad, remember when..."