Creepy guy

By GOAWAY - 26/12/2014 23:06 - United States - Jefferson City

Today, I ran into my ex-boyfriend at the store. Before I knew what was happening, he'd sniffed me and started whimpering about how I don't smell like I used to. He does this kind of crazy shit all the time. FML
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A07 48

Totally explains the 'ex'.

It sounds like you should be glad to have broken up with him.


A07 48

Totally explains the 'ex'.

Sounds like it's time for a restraining order.

How was he ever a "boyfriend" to begin with? what a creep >.

A07 48

People lie.

Maybe it was a compliment.

It sounds like you should be glad to have broken up with him.

meggieeeee92 27

Well imagine if you did smell the same as before, he would probably do even crazier shit.

At least your friends right? But too bad he's crazy.

I'm confused why you'd think they're friends?

I didn't think when posting the comment.

Sounds like he has some issues.

What is he, anyway? A dog? Just go around, sniffing people....

that sounds terrifying

That guy sounds crazy. Good thing he's your ex.

Next time you see him start talking about the new love of your life and how he is training to be an ultimate fighter. That will give him something to whimper about.

Tell him you smell different because the scent of your new boyfriend has rubbed off on you and pervaded all of your clothing, bedding, etc.