By Nissan_David - United States
Today, I was helping my friend put up a wooden fence at his new house. I was holding the sections of fence up while he nailed them in with an air powered nail gun. The gun malfunctioned and fired twice putting the second nail through my hand and into the wood. We had to pry the nail out. FML
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lmao something like that happened to my dad and he's been doing construction for at least 25 years. I was with him when he did it and I will never forget it, he put a nail threw his thumb and threw the bone and all he said was "son of a b*tch" and looked disappointed then he told me to grab pillars and I watched him pull it out and go back to work after a quick beer haha. for some reason I found it funny


Stupid that is what he posted. It's a real FML and you think it's supposed to be funny . All he said was the nail went through no other details so chill out .