By Anonymous - 12/09/2012 07:00 - United States - Valencia

Today, I was pulled over. The cop stated that he "couldn't see" me because I had "blended in with the dark car background", and that it looked like no one was driving. I was literally pulled over for being black. FML
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Obviously you're a ninja and your camouflage works PERFECTLY. Hey, wait...where did you go?

...hoping you didn't get a ticket...?


...hoping you didn't get a ticket...?

senbonzakura90 3

Hope he did

CaptainDoorknob 7

There's a possibility that OP had no headlights on, tail light etc. Not enough info is given.

It says exactly what happened, and why. What more info do you want, his sock colour?

Well nice way to put it OP, I dont think you were pulled over for being a negro lol

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125 - ..We don't know what the ticket was for precisely. Could've been a perfectly legitimate ticket for something. Run along now and crawl back into your little cave.

CaptainDoorknob 7

Ahh shit my mistake I confused this with another FML and thought it said "was given a ticket". My bad.

139, that is the worst "text lingo" I have ever seen in a comment.

KeyboardWarrior, 140's name says it all lpl xD :p

stuner56 22

140, If you read the FML, no where does it state that he received a ticket. If say he got pulled over. Read the FML correctly before you make your self look like an asshole

CaptainDoorknob 7

220 - I already apologized. I said I mixed this FML up with another one I had open on safari about a ticket.

he got 7 warning shots in the chest

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Unfortunate that this happend to you :(

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There is, in fact, a button for that.

Why the hell was this downvoted to all oblivion?

Because he could simply press the "your life sucks" button, rather than make a comment.

Obviously you're a ninja and your camouflage works PERFECTLY. Hey, wait...where did you go?

Tragichero92 12

The true art of ninjutsu. CaptainSaveAHoe, you need to learn from this person.

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CaptainSaveAHoe, that's the way to go! -1-800-CHOKE-DAT-HOE


PaulyD, would you care to rephrase that in English, please? I don't speak Idiotish.

Lmao quit trying to come at me bro, obviously speak English is another of your original comebacks?

217- Please, delete this app now, erase the website domain from your mind, and never set foot into the FML community ever again.

So the cop thought the car had no driver, for which he decided to pull the driver-less car over to .... give ..ehhhh.. the car... a ticket for... uhh.. driving itself.... *brain-*******

That is retarded. What does he think you car is a ******* transformer

Tragichero92 12


#5, surely you mean an Autobot? (I would also have accepted Decepticon.)

Pretty sure both autobots and decepticons are transformers...meaning it makes perfect sense and is correct as it is.

Transformers! Robots in.... oh... their not?.... Autobots-and-Deceptacons! Robots in disguise!

What the **** is the point of trying to pull over a driverless car? Seriously.

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That's so ******* stupid

You don't say. : /

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You sir, are a dick.

... The **** did I just read?

Ouch (N) x

That's possibly the worst excuse I've ever heard from a cop for pulling someone over...

Sometimes people can use programs to control cars remotely, which is highly dangerous and illegal.

jem970 19

I would be pissed. And that's racial profiling! In a really stupid ****** up way... Or else the cop was just stupid. I swear, some of worse people get put into power these days... I hope you plan to do something about this OP.

No. What the officer saw was a car without a driver. Was it out of control? Being driven by a 5-year old who couldn't see over the dashboard? He was doing his JOB.

jem970 19

I'm sorry doc, but the man was just stupid. Was the car out of control? No. So obviously there we a driver. A car without one would be all over the road or not moving. The cop was stupid. Same deal with a child. He would be all over the road if he couldn't see over the dash.

My grandfather forced his children to drive on the road and highway at age six. He sent them off to run his errands because he was too lazy to go himself. Children drive, some for thrill-seeking, and others because they have no choice. The police officer was just doing his job.

Jem - I've seen countless stories on the news of a small child who steals a car and manages to drive several km before stopping. If you were a police officer and saw a car with no driver, would you really just let it go?

HelloGuys 4

I doubt the cop really honest to god thought "oh, a car with no driver....driving perfectly fine.....must be some sort of problem" Stupid cop. Thats just my opinion but whatever

That cop is a dumass.

Be careful who you call "dumbass", I'd say. :P

Oh the irony!

KiddNYC1O 20

Anonymous Dumass.