By NotAModel - 30/04/2012 15:50 - United States

Today, after putting an ad on Craigslist to sell a coat, I finally got a call. The guy on the phone seemed interested, and was especially curious to know if I could "model" it for him, in "stockings and suspenders." FML
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notjustanybody20 9

the poor guy was just trolling around! :D

#16 - I doubt it, about 99% Craigslist users are either rapists, molesters or perverts. (Statistics not completely accurate, but are pretty much right)


She puts the spenders on her skin

99%?! Where do people come up with this stuff? Lol

By looking at 99% of the people...

Occupy Craigslist!

shanemaximo 7

It does as it's told!

CaramelMacchiato 13

Did you know that 78% of statistics are made up? Including this one.

Maybe it's time to stop being a pervert on Craigslist. Too much negative criticism. Anyone want to hire a pervert?

You could say no.... or you can get an extremely large friend of yours to model it with just a bikini and previously requested stockings and suspenders. Win-win if you ask me!

OPs name is quite fitting for the FML if you ask me.

Uhh.. What's in it for your friend?

Well, that sucks.

Haha that's kinda awesome

siickman 7

No shit sherlock. But its not like OP has too so it really is not that bad. What sucks is the buyer probably wont buy unless OP models so no sale :(

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

And you're calling her Sherlock? You're not giving yourself enough credit, my friend.

51, I think he might be admonishing her not to actually excrete Sherlock (only in broken English). It's quite the non sequitur, but this place is pretty random.

2- No, really?!

Sequitur 0.0? I feel rather unintelligent after reading your comment

Don't feel too bad, 85. My browser's spell check doesn't seem to know the word, either. I bet you'd recognize it if you were to hear it, though.

knsy 0

I hope you're a guy.

Llamacod 11

Because op being a lesbian would matter how?

It says op is a girl

Llamacod 11

Sorry, I read that as gay, not guy. I am in a car and the bumps made me read gay.

9) It doesn't matter what OP said; people ignore information that's plainly given.

mhopper 13

14, it's ok. Hard to read "straight" when you're driving. Just don't rear end a cop car

78 - He said he was in a car, not necessarily driving it.

mhopper 13

86, I was referring to a previous fml :)

KiddNYC1O 20


I hope you aren't driving.

Ninjasaurus18 9

... She doesn't nessacarily have to be a lesbian... -shakes head- There are too many dumbasses on this world for me...

uh, 86, how would bumps prevent him/her from reading that comment correctly if the car was stationary?

136 - Because, genius, there is more than one seat in a car. Just because the commenter wasn't driving it doesn't mean nobody was. I thought I was thick missing the FML reference, but...

True you make more sense than some of this dumb people :D

137, i never mentioned the person driving it, i said that the car wasn't stationary. i guess we don't have a problem then

144 - That comment completely contradicts your last comment. You actually did say the car was stationary, for one thing.

Leadamp 7

I say do it. A job is a jjob and you might make a new friend

eh...i doubt she wants to model for a creepy guy on craigslist

Beat me to it. OP, ya gotta start somewhere.

Wtf o.O I was watching America's Most Wanted and there was a guy who would call women and ask them to try on what they were selling. Then he'd beat and rape them! And they still haven't found him...

You can probably get an extra $50 out of that

Prolly make $100 if she models with the coat open

TwiztedYuri 9

also another $50 for the stockings and suspenders if OP knows how to model

fernclogger 5


siickman 7

Why comment something like this when the FML team is Just going to delete it. Stop wasting the comment sections.

Llamacod 11

Why comment on the comment and waste your own time, wait why am I wasting my time?

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Ah Craigslist, where all the convicted rapists from every neighborhood do business.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Silly Noor, it's THE trafficking site. Under the guise of people selling broken pots and outdated computer parts. For sex, that is.

vic55jets 13

Ok mrs know it all

38- how do you know this?

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Because not unlike many other people, I've had to scour that blasted site for jobs and apartments more than just a few times in my life. Also, it's pretty common knowledge that pedophiles and sexual predators scour it as well.

sarahlove281 4

Sounds promising.

tony1891 22

so have you sold the coat yet?

yaya1213 6

Love ur picture :)

"Luv ur pic :)" is not a valid answer. Try again.

"not an answer try again." is just as incoherent as the reply. Try again.

Not being the bigger person and letting The A Teen be himself is more invalid then anything else in this comments replys. Try Again

XxMoonShadowxX 0

Everyone try again... and i dont think she has... idk

You must be a terrible salesperson. Anything to make a sale! ANYTHING! Go grab those stockings and sell sell sell!