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  kendalle_fml  |  0

considering that you knew where he was, he didn't just walk out of your life for months with out you knowing why, where, or how long. A dog has no idea when his person walks out of his life for months. Then when he finally comes back... its only right to hug the dog first. Or meet your guy at the air port or something!

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Quite agree! I know I usually spend time greeting my animals first.
But, I still marked FYL because sometimes guys do things like that without even realizing it hurts your feelings, but don't look too hard into it.

  hubriz  |  0

Well, maybe he's had his dog for 12 years and you for 12 weeks. I'd hug my dog first. Think of it this way, it's like hugging your kids before you hug your wife. In this case, his dog is his kid.

  blalien  |  0

Wow, Firsty, you seriously need to make some changes and get your life back on track.

And he's probably had the dog a lot longer than he's been dating you.

  Dilwann  |  27

Indeed. I see my boyfriend every 3 months since we have a long distance relationship, it's doable without making a huge scene.
And people who go 'FML I didn't see my bf the whole day' or 'FML I only see him on weekends' need to shut it.

  666midnight  |  0

Also the fact dogs are damn cute when they aint seen you for ages, like wagging their tail and looking really excited, I doubt the OP was able to do that and her boyfriend just couldn't resist hugging the dog :D