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Today, my Marine friend got back from his tour of duty overseas. We went out for drinks to celebrate his return. His own form of celebration was to pick a fight with a returning Navy SEAL and his friends. We lost. Badly. FML
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Navy SEALS are like grim reapers in training. Why would you fight them.

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That sucks, but... You DEFINITELY deserved that. You don't pick fights with a Navy SEAL unless you want to nearly die or actually die... Tell your Marine friend to grow a brain before he thinks of picking another fight.


obviously u lost cuz the SEALs r the shit

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Yes, now go make me a sandwich.

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@ #73 Your comment made me LOL in the office

haha same here. Aquamarine WALRUSES are the *****!

aquamarine WALRUS pwn but it ain't as good as spongebob

the seals aren't good, they just have a lot of better training

which makes them better. soldiers are basically made by thier training.

in a battle, the navy transports, the marines clear the beach, and then the army holds the line

Back in the WW2 days, you know when there was actual frontlines?

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106 are you ******* retarded? "Unfightable battle"? If you're talking about Iraq I would like to bring up the fact that THEY ATTACKED US. We are supposed to sit back and let the world think there are no repercussions for that? Scum like you make my hands curl into fists.

what kind of shit are you talking about America attacked Iraq what for there was no "weapon of destruction" and its been proved what America went there for is for the oil.

The Marine should've been able to beat the Navy SEAL. FHisLife

?... do you know anything about the military

you're kidding right? Go look up BUD/S hell week, something so terrible it gets 70% of the best qualified to voluntarily drop out... everyone makes it through Marine boot camp. VERY few Marines can mess with SEALs, and the only ones that can are MARSOC, which as a whole are still a step below

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Who the **** cares? Can't you just compare penis lengths like normal insecure, "I'm-more-manly-than-you" men?

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Ok Marsoc has only been around a couple years but don't forget about Marine force recon which has been around but you don't hear about as much because the Marines don't need to glorify there special forces because our branch as a whole is enough to be proud of. There is no comparison between your everyday soldier, sailor or airmen to a Marine or there wouldn't be Marines simple as that

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this is retarded stop comparing marines and special operations units they are not the same. They train for a different mission. I am sure that any Marine Force Recon, Marine ANGLICO, Air force Para Rescue, Air force Tach Air, Navy SEALs, Army SF, Army SFOD Delta, or any elite SOF unit is gonna be able to ******* wreck your shit. WTF is with all the dick measuring. There are retards and good fighting units in both the Marine Infantry and the Army infantry. We saw some marines use pretty bad battlefield judgment more than once in Afghanistan. Does this mean they are shitbags? hardly. I will buy anyone coming back from a deployment a drink, they are lucky to be alive. We should honor the fallen. Why would you start shit with someone who just came home? Talk about a slap in the face to someone deserving of our gratitude. What the **** is America becoming...

#103: America's become corrupt and undeserving of anything. If anyone's going to go to a war that the US started right now, then they DI for being stupid enough to go over and fight an unfightable battle.

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#54, made my day. even though I'm months late for this. ;P

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103 and 106 are smartass party poppers. FML is a site for laughs and jokes, not some place where you post opinions nobody cares about. 

the truth of the matter is, you idiot, that Marines cannot dropout of bootcamp once they are in. Unless they sustain an injury which will never fully heal. In fact I have a cousin who once joined the Marines. but could not make it through bootcamp, due to the fact that she sustained a hip injury, while in bootcamp, which made them drop her. And she still has pain from that hip injury to that day. P.S., Before talking about something, learn about it before posting. Dipwad.

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That's why you don't become friends with people that pick fights. Unless you don't mind getting your ass beat every once in awhile.

lol, you face the consequences of your actions! Pity they can be harsh tho...

Those trained animals from Sea World can be really tough. You're lucky the seals just beat you up, the killer whales would have, . . . you know.

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I agree with plexico. And dont even get me started on those sharks. You remember what happened with jaws? Not good.

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Sharks!? I would be more worried about what would happened if you got into a drunken fight with a Dougon, those things will....probably not do a whole lot but still it could turn ugly! :D

Sharks are no problem . . . if you're a Jet.

If you are a jet and you are puffed by Kraft then you are just tasty. Or, wait. Is "jet-puffed" an adjective? But then, how do they get the jet into the factory?

It's from "West Side Story." The warring gangs are the Jets and the Sharks. It's loosely based on Romeo and Juliet. A Jet falls in love with the sister of a Shark . . . and then the hilarity ensues.

Ya, I got that. /Snapping fingers: "Jets. Jets. Jets." /Balletic hopping: "Sharks. Sharks. Sharks." I was commenting that a jet is no problem if it is a marshmallow 'cause you could just eat it. It wouldn't be much of a problem at all. Much less of one than all of those "Maria-lovers" really. I once saw Romeo and Juliet performed by hamsters; now that was hilarious.

Losing a fight to a SEAL isn't really an FML. It's what you get when you pick a fight with a SEAL. Losing a fight to a girl scout... that would have been an FML. Next time your marine friend should choose his opponents a little more carefully.

LOL, yeah, those seals are crazy at seaworld. They're secretly ninjas..

He's lying. Marines don't lose to navy seals....I know from experience. I was in the marine corps and never lost to a navy seal...

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You'rr not hurt too badly, since you were able to type - unless this is an old story. So, you lost a fight. Not that big of a deal.

That is the absolute worst comment I have seen in a while. I honestly don't know where to begin. One: you can still type if you're seriously hurt. Extreme bruising in the face or other areas commonly occurs after fights, along with possible broken bones, such as ribs. Anybody will be able to write a 300 character story with theses injuries. Second: you claimed that the only way OP could be seriously hurt is that if this was an old FML. What? Do injuries get worse over time somehow? Do borked ribs slowly blossom over a period of weeks? Or were you implying that OP can see the future, and knew he would get his ass kicked before he was seriously hurt by a Navy Seal. Either way, you're a dumbass.

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Military fight? sounds like the most bang thing you could possibly do. Even if you lose, there's nothing embarrasing really on either side.