By I hate my brother - 20/03/2016 18:53 - United States - Lafayette

Today, I just came back from Afghanistan after a 9-month tour, and my brother asked, "How many towelheads did you kill?" He then acted offended when I smacked him upside the head. FML
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Isa_Marie0113 17

Thank you for your service! Sorry your brother is an insensitive and ignorant butt.


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Don't blame video games. I'm pretty sure Candy Crush didn't make this guy an asshat.

bryce0110 23

I wouldn't say video games would make people think little of human lives. I play video games all the time, and quite often shooters like counter strike, and I care about human lives. His brother is just an ignorant ass.

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Btdtgts 22

Life doesn't represent media the media is made because how society is at the time. Films, games or any other source of media are representations of how life is or was recently. sure there exceptions to every rule. But, media is made to sell to the audience's appeal it doesn't introduce behavior.

@46 No, they dont. As long as you have decent mental health, you aren't going to devalue life just because you play video games.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

My dad has never played a video game in his life and he is the most racist person I've ever met. Don't blame video games. Racism (and desensitization of the value of a human life) have been around for years. Have you ever watched the news? They call deaths "casualties." Clearly human lives aren't that important to many people and haven't been for years. It only really hurts us when it's someone we know.

*cough* Hitler *cough* Donald trump *cough* Oh yeah, video games are definitely the problem

Yeah there's no way. There a huge difference between "killing" a mass of pixels on a screen and real people. Anyone that blames games is just looking for a scapegoat. These types of people have existed through the ages, and the past has had a high concentration of them then we have.

Ah, blaming entertainment for people being improperly educated or plain assholes.

67, they call any war related injury a casualty, if you are wounded, MIA, KIA or a POW you are considered a casualty of war

Well that's just factually incorrect.

Stiggy626 25

actually scientific studies have shown that playing games like cod and GTA help people get out aggression which, in turn, helps them be more level headed

Isa_Marie0113 17

Thank you for your service! Sorry your brother is an insensitive and ignorant butt.

Why do so many people automatically assume that OP is in the Army? He just wrote from a "9 month tour" in Afghanistan.

Because of the brother's reply. If he was a tourist, there would be no reason to think that he killed people there.

Also most tours are 9 months in the military. Obviously many are different but that's the average. Secondly the towel head part would be a tip off or also him smacking his brother

He doesnt have to be in the "army" he could be in the air force or anything else.

You can assume he is in the Army because of the length of his tour in Afghanistan. US Air Force tend to serve short 3/4 month tours, Navy and Marines will usually 6 months or a year, and the Army will go on 9 month to 1.5 year deployments. You can Google it.

I'm sorry. Insensitive or not, they do use kids to suicide bomb public places, and brutally and medivially execute people. The real "war on women" is in the middle east, where women, gays, and others are killed.

Thanks for your service, coming from a Sailor. hate racist comments like that.

T_Nibs3076 5

You brother thinks you're an American Sniper.

We thank you for your service. Maybe sign him up for a tour so he can learn some respect.

The little bastard would probably enjoy it.

I'm from your country but thank you for your service and I'm glad you made it home safely.

Bigmike211995 8

I searched high and low for racist comments from Trump and have not found any. How is he racist?

While what he said was offensive, you have to keep in mind that those who are not explicitly involved with the military services may not have a clear idea of what it is that you do. Don't get me wrong, I'm not excusing his ignorance. However, having patience with those around you who ARE uninformed is going to be a necessary skill. And then you can kindly explain to your brother that being in the military is not just a giant in-real-life Call of Duty game.

I dont know what you are getting all these dislikes for, you have a valid point. Comments like this are usually the result of misinformation and a lack of empathy, not active and intentional racism.

I agree. whoever is disliking your comment surely are against patience with others. you can't expect everyone to know wverything. however, his brother should definitely have cake with his question a little... different.

rldostie 19

This isn't offensive just because of the racial slur. Asking a veteran (or active duty member) if they've killed someone is beyond the pale and, for some, triggering. It's asking a person to possibly relive and revisit one of the most horrific and painful experiences of their military career, all in the name of curiosity. There shouldn't have to be patience for individuals who ask this stupid ass question. Taking a life in the line of duty is serious and creates life-long memories, often trauma. How anyone can ask a person to relive and casually talk about such an event is beyond understanding. It's a kind of stupidity and lack of common sense that is baffling. What's worse, there's no right answer. To say "yes" is to set oneself apart from civilians, to be "other" in society, and to say "no" is to suddenly be disregarded as a real combat veteran/service member and to have ones experiences questioned. I just say "you shouldn't ask that" when people ask me, although it's gotten substantially better over the years. Fewer ask, but even when they did, I'm appalled by the lack of thinking behind the question. You don't have to have patience with idiots. A curt, forward, "why do you think that's an acceptable question," often brings them back to reality.

My suggestion was to have a civil discussion about it. I don't condone just smacking someone upside the head for saying something offensive. If that is an unpopular opinion, so be it.

Well no matter what it is extremely disrespectful to ask any military personnel where there have been shot, how many times, and how many people they killed. I'm not even in the military but we learned this shit in 3rd grade. He should know better.