By sleeplessinrichmond - 15/09/2013 06:02 - United States - Bronx

Today, the guy on the floor above me decided it was time for a tuba jam session. Apparently optimal tuba time is 2am. FML
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Tonight, get the biggest speakers you can find and play extremely loud dubstep out of them.

Tuba fair, at least it's not bagpipes. Those really blow.


Tonight, get the biggest speakers you can find and play extremely loud dubstep out of them.

Play a bass so loud that it shakes the place

It's really tubad that OP has to put up with this.

Gingerette 8

#30 that is possibly the best idea for dubstep I have ever heard.

Nolonger 11

No! Not dubstep! That's jsut horrible.

Or folk music cause that shit is enough to drive a person insane

Should have grabbed your bass clarinet and joined them.

friedpwnadge 25

Don't like the tune of his playing? Key into it with your own jams, if it really strikes a chord his flat playing will be sharpened up in no time when you pitch in. Some people cant handel all the music at once, so of course it might get both of you in treble.

yourmurderscenex 13

that would be one badass jam session.

Tuba fair, at least it's not bagpipes. Those really blow.

Stop harping on with all these clever puns. Soon you'll be blowing your own trumpet at how good they are. Plucking hell!

You can't be a try hard with puns. Either it's a pun or it isn't.

I did nazi that coming! Oh, woops! Wrong pun! *creeps backwards out of the room*

The1CalledGOAT 11

53- I found that very offensive, anne frankly I'm disappointed in you.

If this continues, get some earplugs! Those really work! Good luck OP!

I always find writing reports to be the best. OP can go through the history of the tuba, famous tuba players, and classical pieces.

I don't get why this is getting downvoted. My sister lives in an apartment with her two toddlers, and her douchebag-neighbour parties all the effin' time, blasting music and jumping around screaming like crazy in the middle of the night. They've tried talking to him so many times, but he never takes it seriously. It's disgusting how selfish and disrespectful some people are. Filing a report will serve them just fine.

It got downvoted because it's "file a report" not " make a report".

And you got downvoted because your explaination of why it was downvoted was wrong.

Call the police !! That's the obvious thing to do Or in the morning tell him if he does it again your calling the cops

That is not the most obvious thing to do. There are other options to consider before calling the police. Consider talking to the neighbor and asking them to refrain from practice in the middle of the night.

Why is 7 getting thumbed down? I nicely tried that with one of my inconsiderate neighbours once. He told me to my face to "**** off!" And then blasted the music even louder. I never called the cops (someone else must have) and he thought I did since I was the one openly complaining. Well, I found my house egged the next morning. So no more personal confrontation for me. Damn section 8! :P

perdix 29

How rude!!! He didn't ask you to bring your tympani upstairs to join in?! You could have created such powerful low-frequency tones that you'd literally rock the house.

perdix 29

#20, no, those would explode the house. Resonant frequencies would gently rock the house ;)

I once rocked the house the house. It was the first time I was told I should never throw stones at glass houses, and the third time I was sued for thousands of dollars.

Perdix you're a legend. I had a dream about meeting you once. Legit.

Pancakes017 19

Retaliate with One Direction blaring at him. I'm sure that will shut him up.

Please don't take his advice, OP. Fighting fire with turd does no good for the world.

yourmurderscenex 13

let's not torment the other residents in the building.

not to mention then Op would also have to listen to OneDirection. and no one wants to listen to One Direction. No One.

2am? How horribly inconsiderate! It's 1am that the gods require their daily offering of tuba music! Seriously, I hate it when people are late! And now all the world will suffer from the wrath of the tuba gods because this one guy was late. Don't you hate it when one person ruins something for everyone? I know I do.

This might have been a better comment had you not dragged it on so much.

perdix 29

And 2:05 am is the optimal time to jam a tuba up someone's ass.