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  123josie123  |  11

True, my grandmother bought a creepy vintage doll that came with 2 other outfits. She bought it from a garage sale for 3 pounds . When selling her house someone offered to pay her 5thousand pounds.

  gntfmlingnow  |  12

The joke wouldn't be too bad if it wasn't as overused as it is. This is an example of a situation that it shouldn't be used. Way to ruin the joke for the rest of us >.>

  Michael_92  |  20

It was okay when it started...but it's everywhere now so it makes it really unoriginal and hard to make funny. Though I have seen a few of the people here use it in really funny ways.

  perdix  |  29

#53, Let's see if I can out-lame that:

The reason the price went so high is that Chuck Norris just had to outbid Honey Badger.

Nope? Chuck Testa?

By  saIty  |  17

He could be trolling just so you could buy it back for like 150. It's like before a guy is seconds away from being beheaded he blurts out "The CURE FOR CANCER IS..."

  Michael_92  |  20

To eat 3 cockroaches, 2 worms and listen to 1 Justin Bieber song. The cockroaches and worms do nothing, his music tho kills cancer faster than anything on the planet. Side effects include going deaf and possible ED.

By  Michael_92  |  20

Well that's defiantly a fyl moment but these things happen. Ever watch the antiques roadshow and someone will have *insert random item here* and its worth thousands however some of them got it for free...look at it as its bad but least it was only $400 not $4000