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Today, I gave an old owl lamp away because I had no need for it. The new owner informed me shortly after that it was worth $400. FML
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Buttsexpirate 9

You can never tell the true worth of anything these days. A picture of someone's butt could be worth thousands of dollars :/

jojimugo 20

One mans trash is another mans treasure.....


Buttsexpirate 9

You can never tell the true worth of anything these days. A picture of someone's butt could be worth thousands of dollars :/

Norman Bates soon purchases said lamp.

beLlEve 0

now you will never know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop.

Never give anythhing away for free unless its value is deemed worthless. A little extra cash always helps.

perdix 29

#1, if you have Jennifer Lopez' or Sofia Vergara's, I've got my checkbook out ;)

wow, some mod deleted my comment that was rated +10

saraitkddh 47

sometimes when things get old their value increases

jojimugo 20

One mans trash is another mans treasure.....

True, my grandmother bought a creepy vintage doll that came with 2 other outfits. She bought it from a garage sale for 3 pounds . When selling her house someone offered to pay her 5thousand pounds.

Hey #61 5000 pounds sounds a little low for a entire house! What kind of house was it that you sold?

Swagmaster7 0

Ouch! That's the arrow to the knee of garage sales

Michael_92 20

Ouch! Brain hurts after reading a failed attempt at the worst joke in human history. You go down in flames....

The joke wouldn't be too bad if it wasn't as overused as it is. This is an example of a situation that it shouldn't be used. Way to ruin the joke for the rest of us >.>

Oh my God you completely slaughtered the joke leave the room now

Michael_92 20

It was okay when it started...but it's everywhere now so it makes it really unoriginal and hard to make funny. Though I have seen a few of the people here use it in really funny ways.

No. Just no, go sit in the shitty comments corner; and yes you HAVE to wear the dunce cap.

RedPillSucks 31

So, has the "arrow in the knee" jokes replaced the "in Soviet Russia" jokes???

perdix 29

Today, I'm an owl lamp and my owner gave me away! FML. #3, yer welcome! The reverse FML -- even lamer than the arrow to the knee.

perdix 29

#53, Let's see if I can out-lame that: The reason the price went so high is that Chuck Norris just had to outbid Honey Badger. Nope? Chuck Testa?

perdix 29

#76, I know Honey Badger don't give a shit, but he thought it was funny to make Chuck Norris overpay!

saIty 17

He could be trolling just so you could buy it back for like 150. It's like before a guy is seconds away from being beheaded he blurts out "The CURE FOR CANCER IS..."

Michael_92 20

To eat 3 cockroaches, 2 worms and listen to 1 Justin Bieber song. The cockroaches and worms do nothing, his music tho kills cancer faster than anything on the planet. Side effects include going deaf and possible ED.

I dunno, I get the opposite of ED when I listen to his soft soothing voice

Wtf Justin Bieber doesn't have anything I do with this FML.

I'd rather listen to a man give birth then Justin Beiber sing. Yes, I know that is anatomically impossible, doesn't change the fact I'd rather listen to it.

how about a man giving birth to a 17 year of Justin Bieber?

I would rather hear people complain ceaselessly about Justin Bieber. That's why I go on the internet.

Michael_92 20

O wow everyone it was just a joke. He said the cancer stuff so I went off the end of that....tis it.

But the real question is: 'Owl he buy it back? ;)

How nice of him to tell you what it's worth! Did you offer to buy it back?

I'm guessing you are talking about the girl spitting the guy's tooth out. Wrong FML.

ryry013 6

And even if this was the right FML, that's a bad thing. Swallowing a tooth wouldn't be sexy, hot, nice, fun, cool, or tasty.

56- could be ive you're into caveman ****...

71 if* im not a grammer nazi, but that reaaally bugged me

Michael_92 20

Well that's defiantly a fyl moment but these things happen. Ever watch the antiques roadshow and someone will have *insert random item here* and its worth thousands however some of them got it for free...look at it as its bad but least it was only $400 not $4000

Yeah, defiantly. Don't you mean definitely?

I would have demanded the lamp back and sold it.

Michael_92 20

You can't do that though. I believe once you give it away you're finished. It's no longer your property.

HannahWho 8

Also, if its worth $400 dollars, the person either sold it or intend to.