By TayRenee - United States - Rock Hill
Today, while in an ambulance after being in a car wreck, the EMT told me I would need to sign some electronic paperwork. He held it above my head for me to sign and promptly dropped it on my my face, breaking my nose. FML
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  Tarlachia  |  33

Usually the point of riding an ambulance is to get to the hospital luckily-split because of some dire enough medical necessity. It's not like the OP was just filling out forms for a hotel stay, in which casual pace might be more expected.

By  GhostFox  |  33

You can probably get the ambulance company to pay for medical services needed for the broken nose, like resetting it, because it was really stupid of him to hold it over your face. Unless you were restrained flat on your back to a backboard, he's supposed to hold it in front of your face.

  EastCoastLez  |  14

OP stated they were in a car wreck. I can almost guarantee he/she was restrained on a backboard. EMS is not a taxi, they're usually fairly busy. I'm assuming this was probably the best time they had to sign the paperwork as they would be transferring control of care to the hospital as soon as they arrived. Unfortunately, there isn't always a "good time" in emergency care.

By  momogal  |  22

Looks like someone needs to re-read the chapter on safety and liability from their EMS book. On another note, to the one who said that said that the point is to get there really fast, not always. There is a priority system that is used based on the stability of the patient, circumstances of the injury/illness, and chances of deterioration. A car accident patient can be considered low priority if the accident was not severe and the patient is very stable. In that case, the signature (which is required for liability and consent reasons) should be acquired within the last few minutes of the transport. Obviously, if a patient is unable to sign, the EMT will sign or initial under "implied consent" laws. Source: being one of the top students in my EMT class at a very high quality academy.