Today, I went outside at 9am in my boxer shorts to get my mail in my garden. I'd put a shoe in the door to keep the door jammed open, but when I ran back, my dog had the shoe in his mouth and all the doors and windows were closed. FML
By gnafron / Tuesday 31 December 2013 11:30 / France
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By  notapotato  |  12

Couldn't you have put a brick or something heavy?

  NeatNit  |  32

I agree with #1 actually. I never trust anything as lightweight and unreliable as a shoe to keep a door open. I always use something heavy and solid, and this is regardless of any pets. There are countless things that could go wrong there, and something more stable (i.e. a brick, the welcome mat, a flower pot, coat rack, or anything within arm's reach) is resilient to so many more of them.

I guess it sounds a bit like OCD, but really it's just forward thinking. I always try to predict reasonable things that can go wrong and try and solve them preemptively and/or prevent them entirely.

  NeatNit  |  32

#81 lots of home/apartment doors do that too... my door's outside knob doesn't turn, so you can never open it from the outside unless you have a key. There are advantages and disadvantages.

  colton_colton  |  49

How was he supposed to know that the dog would have done that?

  Voij  |  16

In his defense, some doors are not made to be opened without a key. Both the door to my house and the door to my apartment are locked by default. You need to either use a key or, if you're opening it from the inside, the handle to get the door to "unlock".
Basically, 12 o'clock position of the key is default and is locked. You can turn your key counter-clockwise to 9, which unlocks it, allowing you to push the door open. To retrieve the key, it needs to be back at 12.
You can push it closed, though.

Basically, there are some doors which simply don't have a permanent "unlocked" status, only a temporary one. Those doors can't be opened without a key.

  Joisan  |  20

That may well be the case, though the only doors I've ever seen that lock automatically are hotel doors or school dormitory doors. Not your normal house or apartment front doors.


#45, There's someone in my small French town with a very modern home. It's a town of ugly stone buildings (they're okay actually but) and they happen to have a self-locking door. I wouldn't be surprised tbh, especially if this person is in a big French city.

  DanielleinDC  |  32

My apartment door automatically closes and locks unless I pop out the handle lock. OP, why didn't you just either leave it unlocked or bring your key? Even if what I'm wearing doesn't have a pocket, I find a way to bring my key when I pop out of my apartment to throw the trash out or something.

  SirDirtyRedD  |  15

Here in iceland if you close any door in any building it automatically locks unless you flip a swotch on the inside of the door. you have to simultaniously turn the deadbolt and the handle to open the door

By  cutiepie99  |  17

Here's a good solution maybe you should have just unlocked the door so your could shut it and re-lock it once you got back inside I mean that's just me but do what you please