The price of sin

By Anonymous - 30/05/2016 16:35 - United States - Houston

Today, my girlfriend and I decided to have some alone time under the stars. Things were getting hot and heavy in my truck bed and clothes went everywhere. After getting dressed, I felt pain. Little did I know that I threw my underwear in an ant pile. I got bit down south, a lot. FML
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Roskosity 22

Ouch! Bad luck. But why in a truck bed? That sounds uncomfortable.


Roskosity 22

Ouch! Bad luck. But why in a truck bed? That sounds uncomfortable.

Because imagine being under the stars, candlelight and the moon the only sources of light... With a few blankets, it's VERY romantic... And when is romantic ever 100% comfortable XD

ohthebloodygore 16

#6, clearly you've created your own scenario. Good job.

It's not as awful as one might think. Back when I had my truck, my husband and I (back during our first weekend of dating after a long friendship) were out, but we didn't want to go back to my house yet because there was a lot of family there and it was getting crowded. For some reason, my mom's house was always the place to stay when any family visited California. So, we parked in the middle of an empty field and spent some time alone. One thing led to another and we had a situation like OP's minus the ants because we made sure to keep clothing in the truck. If you have a thick blanket, having a truck is like always having a portable hangout.

EXACTLY like kissing in the rain. :)

Because Texas! It's a sweet date, really.

"Things were getting hot and heavy in my truck bed" *Looks at location* Seems about right

"I got bit down south" *looks at location* Seems about right :p

Texas never fails to amuse. Hope you get that sorted out OP!

Well that bites! Sorry OP. I'll see myself out.....

This is one of the rare occasions where even practicing safe sex can still result in red bumps on the groin.

Crush an Aspirin tablet and add water to make a paste. Apply it to any areas of swelling to remove itchiness and pain. Good luck OP!

Is there an alternative for those of us allergic to aspirin? This sounds like a good idea.

baking soda kind of works, it doesn't completely fix it, but it makes it a little better

ouch that sucks, I hope you figured out what was going on and killed those ants if you want revenge pour vinegar on the ant mound