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Today, a girl from class screamed at me in public for hugging the guy she likes. She threatened to take me out if I didn't "back off". That guy is my boyfriend. FML
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Hey OP here, it's awesome this got posted! Follow up for some people with questions: This girl came to my school while I was out on sick leave, so being she was in the same class as the BF and I; she got to know him before I came back. He told her he was taken but apparently since I wasn't actually there this didn't phase her. The boyfriend is rather creeped by this girl's psycho tendencies, and has tried to avoid her the entire time I was gone, when I came back we figured she would see us together and drop the crush. This backfired apparently. XD Anyhow my boyfriend and I found her and talked to her later and tried to calmly explain that we were together. She was quiet long enough for us to finish. She mostly seemed really embarrassed and actually apologized! Hopefully she'll stop sending me poisonous looks now. :p But all is (for the most part) well now. Thanks everyone!

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Looks like the boyfriend needs to have a talk to the girl. The hostility! Haha


Looks like the boyfriend needs to have a talk to the girl. The hostility! Haha

That would do more harm than good, actually. It would be better for the OP to say something rather than the boyfriend, mostly because it seems this girl is delusional in thinking she's going to get with the OP's boyfriend.

You know, that statement makes me wish that I was able to reach through the computer and bitch slap people.

Your comment made me feel that way, 52. Relax

Those types of comments aren't funny they're stupid.

You can think they're stupid, that's your opinion, but don't be rude about it, please. Clearly it wasn't very stupid when it has that many upvotes, so some people thought it was funny

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You flat out said that they weren't funny, but rather stupid. Forgive me if that sounded a little rude to me. I understand you are also entitled to your opinion, but just because there are other, more rude things said out there, doesn't mean yours can't be rude. There are nicer ways to say you don't enjoy a certain type of joke.

Yes, but the entire argument, and you saying I was being "rude" was based on my FIRST comment. I could have said alot, to make far more "impolite". What I said is mild, compared to what could have been said. My response, of "stupid", was to your comment saying that you too, wanted to apparently be ale to reach through the computer and smack people in the face.

hey #52, your comments gave me a headache.

oh, I'm sorry... was that rude? I was only stating an opinion. ;P

Yes, any and all opinions, that don't agree with my opinion, is rude.

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Pray tell, how would you have said it if mine was so horribly written?

I would have said "I find these jokes not humorous at all, rather unintelligent" instead of being rude.

I'm not a troll. Trolls are the ones who come in and are truly rude. I am still being criticized for my opinion. "Troll-is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people,[1] by posting inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[3] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion" I did not place a comment in any way shape or form to deliberately start an argument off topic. Did I post anything racist, slanderous, or political? I was defending myself against someone who I now believe was trolling me, or just hoping for the last word....

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*Sits back to watch the fight. Popcorn anyone?

this is why we can't have nice things....#52 p.s. leave it alone arguing your point only makes you more of a jackass.

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omg everyone. seriously? shut the **** up 52. you honestly have nothing else better to do with your life than argue online with a stranger about the most inane thing?

incoherentrmblr 21

At this point, no more f**ks shall be given...

wow I would have explained he's mine

Honestly if the bitch was that crazy just by a hug, telling her they were together could have turned the situation violent.

It'd be slightly understandable if he was HER boyfriend (even so, weird), but that's just straight up crazy. You hug your boy all you want, OP.

There's a guy at my school who has a girlfriend but he goes around hugging everyone he sees sometimes. It's crazy

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Just go ahead and say he's your boyfriend. What is she possibly going to do?

If I learned anything by watching television, a lot can happen after the phrase "what can she possibly do?"

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That doesn't even make sense

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They probably mean that he could be a two timer... Maybe, I guess. Lol

Um...she needs to BACK OFF that's your boyfriend dafuq