By kel / Wednesday 10 February 2010 17:34 / United States
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By  yellowbirdx  |  0

Sounds like that scene in Mean Girls where Cady walks into Miss Norbury on her first day at school. Hilarious.

"Maybe we can discuss this another time. When my shirt isn't see-through."

  Sonfang  |  19

Maybe you should look before you go through a door and make sure someone else isn't coming thru it...not everyone holding a door is holding it for you. pay attention :) sorry about the coffee bath though, that sucks! If you got burned too badly I'd suggest aloe based lotion.

By  Qwerty86  |  0

Yeah, YDI for not paying attention to where you're walking. Assuming the coffee got on your teacher too, she also deserved it =P
Even if it was around a corner, it still could have been preventable...

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