By BluesMan1990 - 16/09/2009 10:21 - United States

Today, I was giving a speech to my 300 some-odd person class. All throughout it, people had been giggling and cackling while I was speaking. I soon realized that my pants had been unzipped. I accidentally fell asleep with all my underwear in the washer last night and had gone commando that day. FML
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jobiff 0

how could you NOT feel drafty down therE?

"I wear underwear about, let's see, (starts counting fingers) about 65% of the time I'm on stage. Otherwise, I'm freeballing." -Nathan Explosion, "Metalocalypse"


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bl00dthorn 0

YDI for not wearing underwear

lmmmr 0

If you were a woman, you would be getting umpteen thousand "that's so unprofessional you slut" comments. So I'm going to go ahead and pass that along. You're in the workplace, dress appropriately. Also, that's a lot of odd people.


hey, I reply to the first comment just to get to the top! um lmmmr, stfu. if the OP was a woman, they would get a river of FYL's for having that many people seeing you exposed and YDI's for being an idiot, just like the OP is getting as a guy. so stfu, stop being a feminazi troll, and gdiaf.

lmmmr 0

Actually I was agreeing with #17. And you clearly don't read very many FMLs. Or understand the definition of feminism. Which is fine, but if you did some research, you'd find you're mistaken. Have fun sounding like a fool though.

Ah dangg. I can understand the going commando, but that should make you even more concious about your fly .. right?

17 what about the sentence "all my underwear was in the wash" dont you get? people like you make me wanne shoot something up >.<

jobiff 0

how could you NOT feel drafty down therE?

inconvienentgurl 0

some go it so long they dont feel the air going by down there...n maybe "it" was still in his pants but u could see it w/ his pants being open or maybe he's weird n wore tight pants n the hole was stretched open? either way O.P. u really need to pay more attention...4 1 i doubt ur students wanna c urs. n 2 thats just wrong to do in front of ur class...if this really happened then fyl 4 it happening n ydi 4 not checking

I call shenanigans on this one.

i was under the impression he was a student giving some sort of presentation. and #20, would it kill you to write out a few three letter words instead of abbreviating them. it is not that hard.

jts2 3

I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I don't mean to be a grammar nazi, but MYGODCANYOUATLEASTMAKEANATTEMPTTOTYPEINLEGIBLEENGLISHINCONVIENTGURL? FFS. And yeah, this sucks-- I've had a fear of this happening to myself as well, thankfully it never has.

It took me longer to read yours than hers.

coolashit 0

Exactly! The first time I read this I was like, ok you definatley would feel a little drafty down there don't you think?

Pfft! As if that's the only teachers p33n they're going to be seeing until they graduate.

FAKE. makes no sense if u think about it

stjulien 0

YDI for being a flasher

"I wear underwear about, let's see, (starts counting fingers) about 65% of the time I'm on stage. Otherwise, I'm freeballing." -Nathan Explosion, "Metalocalypse"

reeniemac 3

"hi my names Toki I slips in and out of a diabetic coma" :D

What, you have 1 pair of underwear, and they were in the wash? WTF?

To #7, where did it say that he only had one pair?

I guess I skimmed over the word "all". Try reading it without that word, actually pretty funny.

I did the exact same thing.

123sploosh 0

hes not a douche! i would have done the same thing!!! so would have you

stjulien 0

there's no bloody point, it's being a total tool, people should come up with interesting or witty things to say instead of acting like kindergadners. grow up!

srak 0

that happened to me once, but I was wearing underpants.

Wow, this sounds a bit over the top.

Uh, don't think so? No one can be THAT STUPID

hothotheat_ 13

You'd be surprised.