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Today, I was working as a cashier at a restaurant. When I receive $50 and $100 bills I am required to have a manager check to make sure they are not counterfeit. Every manager I found yelled at me to find another manager because they were busy. Frustrated, I just accepted the bill. It was fake. FML
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That is your managers' faults for not paying attention to you. I hope you didn't get in trouble because of them.

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I bet the person that gave you the money was pretty nervous too, in hopes that they wouldn't get caught. FYL.


Your job doesn't have counterfeit detection pens? Are you very young and don't know much about money? It really is mainly your manager's fault but you should've forced the issue, refused to take the bill, or checked it thoroughly.

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Couldn't you check it yourself?

Why don't you have a fluorescent blacklight installed under a nearby counter where the cashier is? Just put the bill under the light, if there's a glowing strip, it's real. It would cost you under $40, so do that, then you don't have to mark the bills with a pen.

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I forgot what American dollar it is( I think it's $5) but u can tell it's real by putting it against the light and you can see a presidents face

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I totally agree. It's really not hard to check the bills. Just hold them up to the light and find the watermarks. If there aren't any, it's not real... I don't know why your managers need to check it though. Where I work, there are counterfeit markers for checking, and they're just up at the cash registers for use by any employee. So, both you and your managers fail. Them for not checking, and you for cutting off your nose to spite your face, when you could have so easily checked it without their assistance.

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learn to ******* tell if it's ******* counterfeit god ******* retards!!!

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That's all of our bills,$5 and up.

Here is what you do 1. Go online 2. Google a counterfeit detection pen 3. Pay $3 4. Stop being a retard and figure out there is a huge difference between real and fake money...unless your poor as shit and don't k ow what really money feels like

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The newer bills have a few ways to check. There are the watermarks, the bottom right number is shiny, and the president's coat is ribbed in the picture (feel it if you don't know what I mean). There may be other ways, but those are what my manager pointed out to me when I received a counterfeit $20.

I don't think its that he can't do it its that the manager has to have the final word they can't take the employees' word for it

He actually was first, if you look above, lol.

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dude it's the managers fault for not checking. not your fault.

true, if you get charged then sorry!!! and wat the hell...? cashier at a restaurant?

Well, what do you want to call it? A register man?

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Actually, where I work, we don't accept $100 anymore because the pen doesn't show the fakes anymore. The counterfeit $100's got that good. $50's though are still detectable.

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that sucks but its your own fought

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faught? u mean, um, fault? lol god damn

Leave Brandine alone! Cletus probably took them there letter blocks that help her read and she had to improvise with the spelling, I reckon.

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hahaha oh shit people are funny.

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@19, lol, yeah fail, maybe she should've fought harder with her managers...

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actually yes, I do, my bad...

Are all yall trying to spell " Fault"? Cuz that's how it's spelled correctly.

Lol, don't divert the business policies because you were "frustrated." It's your job to have them check, so have them check. You deserved it.

And it's the managers' jobs to check, too, but they all refused. In that case, no, she didn't deserve it.

But at the same time it's not hard to check if a bill is counterfeit or not.... check the strip and the watermark and the color changing ink and run it over with one of those markers, because that's all a manager could do anyway. Her fault and her managers.

Right, but if the managers aren't teaching employees how to do this because they don't trust them, there's nothing she can do. Also, the markers might not be the best way to check; counterfeiters are now making paper than can get past them.

I've seen counterfeits where they would print a 20 over a 5. markers can't detect and you'll still see the watermark. the only difference would be the face appearing on the side.

Any idiot can learn to spot a fake- like you said a couple of little tricks. Even if the manager didn't teach you- take some iniative.

No OP didn't deserve it because all the managers refused

That is your managers' faults for not paying attention to you. I hope you didn't get in trouble because of them.

Uh, aren't you supposed to be able to tell between counterfeit and not? It saves time for a manager to teach it once. FYL for having bad managers.

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In Canada (where I live) it's extremely easy to tell if it's conterfeit, but with US money, it's kind of a challenge.

Even so, the manager has to actually check in most cases. I know I can tell the difference, but I'm not a manager.

I agree with 7 and I thought the money has some kind of strip now through them so you could tell if it was real or fake.

I guess what they say about blondes are true. There are plenty fake bills with the same color stripes as the real ones. I seen quite a few while back.

Even the embedded ones that only appear under certain lighting conditions???

It is really easy to tell with Canadian money. Where I work weonly accept new 100$ bills.

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I bet the person that gave you the money was pretty nervous too, in hopes that they wouldn't get caught. FYL.

The person using it might not have known it was fake. Fake bills sometimes get passed around a bit before anyone notices.

Thats why you check it yourself.. Dee Dee DEe.....

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u are dumb for not knowing thy should fire u. YDI

u r dum 4 typin lyke dis. Grow up. The OP didn't deserve it-the managers did.

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Why is it that the biggest retards are always the first to call someone else dumb?

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Because it takes one to know one?

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'Why is it that the biggest retards are always the first to call someone else dumb?' Denial and projection, I reckon.

67, THAT IS NO EXCUSE. I have an iPhone, but I still take the time to type properly. It's a freakin' qwerty keyboard, for crying out loud!

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I agree with 94. I have an iPhone, and I save whomever reads my comments at least 25% of the time it would otherwise take to interpret my text, because I always type out my words. unless I'm being silly and going all lolspeak; srsly, lrn2type amirite? now, grammar, there's another story. I just suck at that.

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also, I hate it when people call it an "itouch". iPod touch. iPod touch. iPod touch. srsly. lrn2refertotherightproduct

It's whoever, not whomever--well, at least in the context you were using the word.

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oh my goodness leave iluvtnbc alone! it may be easier for some people to write things in short hand because they are in a hurry. and it's not an excuse, it's an explanation.

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Wow! FYL because of those lazy ass managers. I would report them to your district manager and from now on keep in your packet one of those markers that test the bills.LOL

What is up with everyone not knowing how to spell nowadays? It's pocket fyi.

sometimes, which is What happened in My town, thieves get extra clever and bleach real bills in small increments and print 50s and 100s on the bill. the pen will mark it as a real bill but Its not a real 50 or 100. always check the watermarks.

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iodine markers. or you could just look at the security strip in the bill itself.