By Fackwork - 30/05/2012 09:37 - United States - Council Bluffs

Today, after declining an amazing job offer that pays more than double what I make now in order to accept a promotion my boss offered me if I stayed, I asked when I would receive the promotion and pay raise. She snorted and said, "You thought I was serious about that?" FML
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Should have taken the other job. I doubt your promotion would have doubled your salary

Rei_Ayanami 18

It may not be too late: check if you can still get the offer for the other job.


That's when you give her the finger and walk out.

2- and that's when you become jobless and broke.

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Yes, quitting would be smart. Who needs a job anyway? Oh wait, everyone.

While flipping her, OP should do something epic, like roll out of the room with a rolling chair and fire extinguisher.

OP go find another job, maybe you'll get lucky and find one fast. Then quit, so you're boss's evil plan won't succeed and he'd have to train a new employee

I remember the verbal contract argument from an FML a long time ago! I think it ended with Doc saying there was no such thing and that we should go **** ourselves. Idk, I could be wrong about that last part...

Tell me if I'm wrong but isn't that grounds for a lawsuit assuming you don't get the new job.

Should have taken the other job. I doubt your promotion would have doubled your salary

My thoughts exactly. And some bosses will do anything to not have to put time, money and resources into training new employees.

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See if you can still get the other job, then feel vindicated and quit your current one. Anyway, FYL, that does suck.

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Money isn't everything. He must have enjoyed the job enough to stay

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Well maybe you can call the other job and tell them that you had a chance to reconsider. I hope that things work out OP . That was really shitty of your boss.

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I was offered another job at a competitor and may boss said they would better the offer. I told them I would stay only after they made everything final with hr which they agreed to. They made the call while I was still in the office.

Really, if I were you I wouldn't have believed her. Now you'll know for next time, huh?

Rei_Ayanami 18

It may not be too late: check if you can still get the offer for the other job.

Agree with #5; it's the only sensible course of action. Next time, get things in writing and never turn down an offer flat. You should just tell them you need time to consider.

Trolled like a boss, by your boss. Next time you'll remember, if it isn't on paper then it's only so much hot air.

That's why you do what YOU want to do. It was stupid of you to decline the job.

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Maybe you should have asked that before you turned down the other job. But yea that's horrible

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I just had to look and see if the only response to that comment was to correct the spelling, and it was. Made me lol

Here evil! Everywhere-a-evil-evil! Ice been reading too many nursery rhymes.

I've* Ice Cube: You weren't talking to me? Well, there goes my evening.

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Vanilla Ice was also all excited for a moment.

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12) Not planning on working any time soon, I take it? I would hate for you to have to work for one of Yhose 'evil' people. And certainly not going to start a business and BE one of the 'evil' overlords. I believe the corner of Fifth Ave and Houston is available for panhandling between 2pm and 3pm. Just make sure you are gone by 3:15pm - Mike can get mean when he finds someone in his spot.

Seriously, what a jerk move. Complain to human resources. Call up the other company and explain what happened. ANYTHING. Don't just sit on this, because you'll grow more dissatisfied by the minute.