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Today, I went to a very crowded restaurant. Being really shy, I requested to sit in the corner, but instead they placed me in the center of the dinning area. I started to eat my food and got really spaced out. Suddenly I sneeze-farted and everyone turned to look at me. FML
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it's okay to feel sad sometimes! (mr. Rogers)


Haha, try to pay attention and not space out so often. But, serioulsy fyl. Lmao.

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A sneeze-fart? And I thought it was only a myth...

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failure? i'd like to see you try and do a sneeze-fart. :P

I thought sneeze-farting was a myth, just like shit-burping n piss-coughing

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37's picture reminds me of my brother in iraq, that looks like something we would do in the walmart parking lot... (completely irrevent to the fml)

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it's okay to feel sad sometimes! (mr. Rogers)

Omg, I love Mr. Rogers! Won't you be my neighbor, :D

that's talent! Now practice the burp fart and you are the master.

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Quit taking drugs, ya hippie! Maybe you wouldn't space out so much.

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I've never done drugs and I space off all the time. I space off from being tired or bored or having a lot on my mind.

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I space out during math everyday, and I'm 75% sure I'm not doing any drugs.

yurh such a mean bitch !!!!!! I hope yurh life gets ****** up bitch !!!!!

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shes no bitch! thats a pretty nice lady your talkin to! >:3

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first! wow... that does feel pretty gLord-ish lol. never doin that again hahahaha. and YDI cause if you often space out & sneeze/fart, you shouldn't be eating in public. I suggest take out or delivery. :))

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how are you first ? there's like seven comments above you.

Was the "like" really necessary? Because there are exactly 7 comments above it.

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hahahaha FAIL omg wow u fail so epically right ther!!!!!

Good news everyone! We have a new employee of the fail department. (Did u read this in Professor Farnsworth's voice?) *Stamped* "Grammar Nazi Proof."

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well I just guessed, I only counted afterwards.

the last sentence seemed random. I didn't see any indication he was with anyone. who spaces out like that on a date?

hippies. bong water drinking, no bath taking, drum circle participating hippies.

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You must have never smoked if you're talking about drinking the bong water. Ewww gross

His crush could have been with someone else in the restaurant...

#10 It never specified that she was on a date with him.

Hahaha that's really funny! But why can't people just mind their own business! lol

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you wouldn't look if you heard it?

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lmfao just look around as if your trying to find who did it also ^_^

It would be pretty obvious to notice someone sneezing. He wouldn't be able to get away with that...