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Today, I'm eight months pregnant with my second child. My 18-month-old son loves to watch my belly move when his baby brother moves. And then loves to smack my belly. It's going to be a long eighteen years. FML
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OK, even though I've been commenting throughout, time for a full follow up. 1. I am not an idiot that's letting my child beat the crap out of me. When he does get too hard, he is disciplined and shown how to be gentle. 2. I have not given up on teaching my child manners, not to hit, etc. It's going to be a long 18 years because they're brothers. They're gonna fight! My sister and I beat each other on a fairly regular basis when we were kids. It's what siblings do. 3. Thanks for ALL your posts! Some of them had me cracking up. And some had me a little scared for the poster or their (future?) children.

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be glad he's not trying to kick your belly like his unborn baby brother is, op!


Ye, trying to take out his little bro while still in the womb.

zarrie_carrie281 21

be glad he's not trying to kick your belly like his unborn baby brother is, op!

18 years? My brother is almost 25 and I'm 23 (18 months) and we still don't get along. Sorry for what's to come OP

Yeah , my sister is 17 and I'm 20 . We get into verbal fights a lot which gradually turn into fist fights . We never get along .

My sister an I are 18 months apart and people think we are twins! Not all siblings are rivals. We are best friends!

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Babies just like to figure things out, he might be the best big brother when his little brother is born. So it might work

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My little brother is 6 years younger than me, so I can't relate having close in age siblings but me and him fight like cats and dogs lol

My brother and I are 18 months apart and we actually get along pretty well! It's weird because my sister and I fight like night and day.

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I have a brother who is 2 years 6 months older (23 this April 15) and another brother who is 11/12 months older (22 this September 22). I'm the youngest (21 this September 3). It's a little weird though, my birthday is before my youngest older brother, so for 19 days we are both the same age. At first we all didn't get along because we are close in age and the sibling rivalry was pretty bad. It was in how late teens that we started getting along because my eldest brother went overseas for college. Now I'm here with him for college and our other brother is still with our parents back at home, working. I guess distance sometimes helps strengthen bonds and what not.

Chances are, he won't. My brother and I still fight to this day. :)

How old are you #23? My sister and I used to fight all the time and were not close after we left home. Now we are in our 30s and are best friends.

oh my sister and I still fight sometimes, and we're 21 and 22. but other times we're best friends.

same. about to turn 20 and my sister is 23. we're either best friends or hate each other. it depends on our moods.

Am I the only one to find it weird that you had a baby at age 20?

hey. I was a kid. he wasn't planned. but he was the best surprise of my life and I wouldn't change him or my situation for anything.

Um.. no, actually. 20 is an excellent age to have kids at (...provided you are married..) because you are still young, resilient, and energetic enough to a) have low risk of complications in carrying and delivery, and b) to keep up with them once they are mobile. It also reduces your risk of dropping dead from old age at their high school graduation.

eh, I'll admit I wasn't married. his father was a useless ass. and as far as uncomplicated goes, Lord no. I've lost several pregnancies and was told I'd never have kids. my babies are true to God miracles. and my husband now is an incredible man who loves my first born like it was his own. so, did I mess up? yeah. but not too bad.:)

Punish him if he keeps slapping your stomach . A good spanking helps him learn what's wrong and what's right .

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I sure hope you don't have children. kids are curious and sometimes a good spanking IS called for, but not for this.

Hit an 18 month old kid because he slapped your belly? I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that an 18 month old baby can't hit very hard, so I really don't think it's worth spanking him for. You should spank your kids if they do something to actually deserve it and if they're not still a baby. You don't hit a baby for something so minor. That's horrible.

Smacking your child to teach him that smacking is wrong? In what universe do you live?

13, you'd be amazed at his strength when it comes to hitting! As far as punishing him though, I can't really punish him for something he sees his daddy, grandma, and mommy all doing. He's not really smacking, really, more just patting.

4 hitting a child for hitting? Do you know how badly that really turns out? My now 13.5 months old started hitting a few months ago and I stupidly took advice to hit back and now I am constantly being hit. And it does hurt, but if I I hit him back it only encourages this bad behavior. Giving a stern look, grabbing the hand, saying it hurts and showing nice touch almost always stops him. Spanking an 18 months old who's trying to bond with baby is a bad idea, good thing OP already denied your advice.

Do us all a favor and never have children

oh geeze, i can't tell you how many times my son has hurt me by hitting me. just because he's a child, does not mean he's weak. any before anyone says anything, yes he got in trouble for it.

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18 months means he's still too young for hitting as punishment.. kids should be like three before its appropriate to use a spanking as punishment. I'm personally against hitting as punishment because i feel like we should teach our children hitting isn't okay, and then we hit them to reinforce? it's sending mixed messages.

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According to most parents, the years fly by and you'll wish they were small again. Either way, all the luck to you and your family!

They really do and it makes you wonder if it's all real. I was sleep deprived the first two months which definitely didn't help but what new parent isn't? (Husbands/fathers, that's who!)

I beg to differ. Single father here. My daughter is almost 3, and I'm still sleep deprived!

32- My husband is sleep deprived. He even goes to class and is working part time. I don't know what happened with you but most father's are just as sleep deprived as we are. Don't bash on men after a shitty experience on your end. I know more women than men that take advantage of their significant other.

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32, my husband/father of my baby was veeeery helpful when our little one was up in the night. he knew I had her all day so he got up with her most of the times in the night. I suggest speaking to your significant other and asking for fairness.

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And the worst part is that there is no way he'll change behaviour. Either by himself or by your doing. Life is sooo hard

Im sure he will grow out of it. I certainly hope so.

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Sometimes the younger brother ends up being the big brother, and they remember everything.