By sydneybourgeois - 13/08/2011 04:06 - United States

Today, the guy of my dreams told me he liked me and leaned in to kiss me. Just as our lips touched, I ripped a big ass fart. FML
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WTF? sometimes I wonder how you people can do all this kind of weird things!

Nice one.......


Nice one.......

he was transferring his embarrassing fart into you.

In Texas, a big wet fart is how they say "Howdy".

"Love the gas Meg, LOVE THE GAS!!"

Nothing like a sweet fragrance to enhance the mood. Sure beats those smelly candles lol.

TheRealHouse 7

If you light them on firethey don't smell as bad

Honestly, if a girl did that when I kissed her, I'd just laugh and kiss her again. Everybody farts, and I really don't understand what the big deal is. I don't give a fuck if you're the leader of my country, I'm not holding it in just for your sake. Wherever you may be, let the wind blow free!

MyScrewedUpLifeS 0

love is in the air

Well said #30 and although some guys like a girl that is comfortable enough to fart around them, ripping a big fart during your first kiss could either ruin the relationship or be a funny story to tell the children.

JessiRoxx 0


A big ass fart? As opposed to a big mouth fart or a small-ass fart?

Nekro_kat 1

Lmao! FYL!

latinking13 8

Wow you making texas look bad

pinkpolarbear 8

Did you call safety?

kiwiwirox 0

.•*•.•*•.well duh theres pussy farts too yuh now she could have quifed and the smell would come out her vagina!!!! then it would go straight to their nose.•*•.•*•.

Glitterhinoceros 14

83, do you have some sort of mental condition?...

83, they don't smell. .-. It's air, not methane.

Was it a squishy fart or a wet fart?

Wait you don't know the story behind the Lockness monster?? what!?

JurassicHole 5

Damn you Taco Bell! Damn you to Hell with your delicious food and it's explosive after effects! Damn you!

40 - yes they fart dumbass. Are we not normal ? Farting is a natural thing. Gross , but natural.

128 - WTF is the difference ?

Some imagination

Thank god it wasn't a nasty mouth fart instead of an ass one

whenever I see big-ass 'x' I always mentally put the hyphen one word to the right

Welcome to TEXAS??

64 if you're gonna say that, you should at least link the xkcd comic it came from

it's natural!

bawlerr75 9

Even when yuur about to kiss a guy yuu have liked ? -__-

yep! it's better to let it out than keep it in!!!

WTF? sometimes I wonder how you people can do all this kind of weird things!

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I think some fmls are fake

yazmi_09 3

Farting is weird?

Emma Marshall 19

No but at that exact time it is weird to fart

Ohhh, myyy. o -o;;

FhIsLif3 5

I could'nt imagine this happening to mee. must have suckedd.. -__-

No more "pull my finger" jokes for you, then.

Its touch my lips.

Ahh, the stink of love.

no I am pretty sure thats ass ur smellin

Ass, love, same thing really.

bloodypanda 0

especially if that ass is your husband o.o

Either you've pushed that one out the 'gates' or you're fucked in your ass every day, so you don't feel when it comes...

The possibilites are endless.

skyttlz 32

I've had farts randomly fly out...

I don't understand how you cannot hold it in lol. and what #9 said lmao

Something's certainly in the air, but it ain't love.

mrlopez 13

this comment is ftw

Every time you breathe in, you snort dead people.