By saintmichi - 01/02/2010 00:21 - Poland

Today, after a 9 hour train journey through the Polish mountains, I mistook a small black and white cat for a penguin. FML
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How does this fuck your life?

cpatrick820 3



How does this fuck your life?

Ya i kno this does affect your life at all it was just a hilarious mistake did you at least see it waddle?

you have to blame the moderators for this one...

I think people from MLIA are moderating for us.

yeah, it's one of the very many pointless fml's that i've seen on this site...just mistaking one animal for another animal is nothing to do with how bad one's life sucks.

my thought exactly. unless you had a cat and left it for the penguin

ur a fag, ive had way worse but the homos who work at fml wont submit mine, im gonna kill u

who moderates this crap??

What the fuck is this? The word Polish made m think of one of those times when people try to do a really odd foreign movie kinda thing, like in a joke on The Simpsons, and it's just made up of fucking random, irrelevant details that just look weird together.

kelleyb323 0

did you try to catch him?

op was on a train how would they try to catch it???

SweetPotatoVines 0

I don't get it, how does this qualify as an FML?

Well... that isn't FML

gazelle_fml 0

and then....?

DogmaT_fml 4

HAHA billy madison did you yell 'Come here you penguin' as you jumped out of the train?

EXACTLY what I was thinking.

wow really. get a clue and pay more attention in school dumb ass!!!! LOL

fucking idiot